The Russians make a moving car and it is creepier than you expect

The YouTube channel Garage 54 is run by people whose thirst for foreign automotive tests knows no bounds. Installing the “foot” on the back of an old Lada sedan in the latest video from the team and the results are both impressive and for reasons I can’t really bother my finger. Just watch this Russian sedan coming down the street “walking”.

Many people believe that real technological innovations happen in research laboratories with the help of large grants and large brain nerves, but Garage 54 repeatedly proves that the real invention could be nothing more than a welder in a garage, some people, and a reduced scheme. The latest talent show in the group? Pulling a ladda in such a way that its rear wheels move the “legs” that allows the car to move on the road:

Much of the credit for this video goes to another Russian YouTube channel in the workroom Siberia. Its team of technologists has used a computer-aided design (which, among other things, impedes some part of the contrast and inputs a torque where the wheel can see how it moves all the way) and a CNC machine can develop it all. .

Here is a video showing how to develop the Workroom Siberia setup:

You can see that in the design – in the case of Lad, the large pipes over the body of the vehicle are involved in shaking and welding in their place to create a rigid frame to create leg processes, which are “cranked”. The legs of each step, before taking their steps forward, take a turn and give a reason to move the back of the car and the squat. On top of that, the whole operation is just painfully slow. Also, at the end of the video, Lada actually snaps an axle shaft.

G / O can get media commission

However, despite its weaknesses, the temporary foot has taken Lada forward, although there is something about it that just seems awful – perhaps I have linked it to All Terrain Scout Transports or all Terrain Armored Transport from Star Wars. Or with that weird mechanical spider from that Will Smith movie Wild Wild West. Or it’s just so simple that my brain isn’t being calibrated to see a car with legs, especially not as dirty as these. Something about it just seems “off” in my head.

But it’s still great.


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