The ‘RHOC’ Season 15 trailer is here

The “Orange County Real Housewives” season 15 trailer has just come down on Wednesday and it contains all the pandemonium until and until the coronavirus epidemic.

Positive test for COVID-19 Shannon Bedor feared in the clip, “I’m not going to be a coronary F-King virus statistic.”

He and co-star Emily Simpson were then seen breaking up, and Boyder, 56, said on a phone, “Mom, I’m so mad at my kids.” His three daughters Sophie, 18, and twins Stella and 14, Adeline, also tested positive in July.

During Jacob’s Dragon Show, Brownwin Windham-Burke’s son was given a glimpse of the audience and introduced to newborn Elizabeth Vargas, who already seems to be Bayador’s favorite.

However, according to Bravo, “there is going to be a divorce soon”, when she says that she and her boyfriend Jimmy have a “very close relationship” but no sexual intercourse.

Meanwhile, Kelly Dodd, who became involved with Fox News reporter Rick Levanthal in November, joked, “We’ve had sex all our lives.”

Fans got a look at the 44-year-old Dodd going to the wedding dress shopping, which raised questions about whether he would wear a white dress as it was the third time he was walking down the Isle.

Like the “housewife” franchise, there’s no shortage of quarrels because Gina Kirchenheath accused Branwin Windham-Burke of talking about her behind her back.

However, the recently divorced “housewife” has her hands full with other issues as her controversial ex, Matt Kirchenheter, who was arrested for domestic violence, made his on-camera debut in the Bravo series.

“I invited Matt and I’m going to put a smile on my face,” he later added, “it’s very hard to stand up to him.”

According to a press release, she and her new boyfriend Travis have moved to a town with their six children.

The trailer reveals how reality TV cameras briefly stopped production in the COVID-19 epidemic, and how they wore masks and reunited with women following social distance guidelines.


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