The Red States cannot allow the Blues to leave without drowning themselves.

Prolonged unrest between densely populated democracies and more widespread republican states turned into open contempt, and national Republicans refused more aid to states with limited funds, and local and state Democrats saw betrayal as nothing less than 100 percent funding.

While New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois, in particular, are struggling with the economic consequences of closing their states to COVID-19, some national Republicans point to them as a parable of democratic waste with President Trump, saying “everyone states that help is needed, they are run by Democrats, ”and majority leader Mitch McConnell at one point offered to go bankrupt.

In return, state and local figures are equally extreme in demanding that the federal government cost years of preschool mistakes. The Illinois Senate president has demanded payments of $ 40 billion, including $ 10 billion for pension funds that were insolvent before the pandemic.

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