The Rainbow Six blockade will be free-to-play for a week

Much like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six Seas is a strategic shooter with a more active community of online players. The overall basis of the game is a fight between a group of terrorists and of course a highly trained group of Rainbow team members. There is a single player narrative for gamers to go through, but now that it stands, more and more players are picking up the game for its online competitive gameplay.

Basically, a group of terrorists is looking for a hostage while the Rainbow team must carefully break into a building and remove the terrorist group. Being a tactical shooter, there is more to the gameplay after which the bullets are spread in every room. Instead of turning a home into an active battle zone, there are plenty of gadgets and weapons designed to make killings effective and accurate.

The game proved to be a popular title a few years after its first release in 2015, although some players are hoping that the game will eventually enter the market as a play-free game title. Be supported, Ubisoft kept the title premium. However, there are some instances where games are unlocked for players to enjoy for a while without spending any money to gain access.

This is exactly what has been happening for a week. Players will have until September 420, 2020 to enjoy this game or at least check the title to see if it is worth buying later. After all, this event is free for players across all supported platforms. Whether you have an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or gaming PC, you can enjoy this game for free for a week.

Source: VGC

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