/The president plans Twitter for change; Maps of interactive parlor capital videos

The president plans Twitter for change; Maps of interactive parlor capital videos

We are learning Twitter’s plan for handling presidential transfers in terms of public and private accounts used by the White House.

Separately, a developer used archived versions of videos posted in the parlor to create an interactive map of video footage shots of the Capitol and its surroundings during the attempted coup …

The president plans to change Twitter

CNET reports that President-elect Joe Biden must inherit the @ @ POTUS account – but a significant change has taken place.

Biden January 20 Biden’s successor, @ POTUS’s official presidential account, currently has 33 million followers. This number may change as Beadon will not automatically inherit followers of the previous administration after he officially took control of the account on the opening day.

Twitter reported last month that the account would not automatically retain its existing followers. Instead, the Twitter account will give followers the option to follow accounts under the bidon administration.

Social media helps people, including the president, to instantly spread a message to a large number of people online. The administration, which has decided not to automatically transfer followers to Twitter, may limit the number of people able to reach online. Biden’s team is not happy with Twitter’s choice (…)

On the opening day, Twitter will also transfer বি Whitehouse, িপি VP, Flatus, @ PressSec, Cageen and @Lacasa Blanca to the Beadon administration.

This is a change from the last time, when @ Potash account held all the followers during Obama’s presidency.

Biden noted that he will start using the @POTUS account after taking office, including using a new account for his official positions, @PeEEEEEBEBIDEN, and his existing @Jobiden for anything.

Maps of interactive parlor capital videos

Before the social media application parlor went offline, a white hat hacker was able to download all public posts, including videos posted in and around the Capitol building by rioters. A developer has now used this data to create an interactive map of videos.

The Github map is accessible. To view a video shot from that location, simply zoom in and click on a map pin. This could likely help law enforcement officials identify the rioters and mobilize their movements

The developer, who uses the PAT 10 username, told the motherboard how they did it.

“About half of my metadata came from the source before it was leaked,” Pat told 10 motherboards. From the list), but he gave up the effort after publishing the whole metatata collection himself. Exiftol Hella is slow ”(6).

“I don’t need terabytes and terabytes of videos, just on a capital basis, so I sorted through GPS coordinates based on proximity and only got video IDs for those files,” Patter 10 said. “Then I downloaded them from the mirror that someone else is hosting.”

So far, Patterson has uploaded about fifty videos on 10 Capitol Hill maps, all of which have been buolok places since last Wednesday. They said they had to upload all their videos to YouTube manually but found an automated way to do it, so more videos will come: “Luckily I just found an automatic replacement, so I should be able to get the rest tonight when I deploy this solution Can do “”

“The real danger is killing the YouTube channel, but it won’t happen at all. If it does, I have to find another way, so there is at least one tool in law enforcement,” they added.

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