The pill-shaped search field is Google Maps roller for Android

Google made a major revision to the map on mobile earlier this year. Like other first-party apps, the design is always tweeted, and Google Maps for Android now features a pill-sized search field.

The search field at the top of Google Maps for Android has long been a rectangle with rounded corners. With the bar-focused rebuild at the bottom of February, the hamburger menu in the navigation drawer has been removed.

Google Maps now has a pile-shaped search bar with a four-letter pin icon on the left. Your rounded profile avatar has a “Search here” hint and a gray microphone icon when the rights fit on the edge.

This pill is present in the full search interface, albeit without corner branding. Google did not update two (or more) fields for directions. Otherwise, it fits a crowd of similarly sized buttons and round sheets across the current UI.

Round Google Maps search field first arrives in iOS. It has been on and off for Android users in recent weeks, but is stabilizing this evening and seeing a more extensive rollout on beta channels. It is clear that this is not an A / B test, and hopefully will also be updated.

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