The physical version of Microsoft Flight Simulator comes with 10 discs

Microsoft’s flight simulator video game series was relaunched in 1982 and has since released numerous installments that have continued a new visual upgrade and mechanic system. Overall, the game puts the players in the role of a pilot where you can control all the control of the aircraft and from there go to the sky in the hope of flying a smooth aircraft to your destination. Now another installment has been announced and is being released on PC and Xbox One platforms by 2020.

There are a lot of improvements to the mapping system beyond just other visual jumps. Using Bing Maps, players will be able to see a variety of features around the world, including terrain changes, trees, water and buildings. Weather systems will also play a role in how flights can operate as visually. The best part of the game is, in my opinion, there are about 20 million cities and 40,000 airports. You can basically chart out the flights that you can take in real life and it’s pretty impressive.

It will take up a good amount of storage space with all the content you can imagine. The amount of storage you need to enjoy this game is 150 GB. As you can imagine many of these storage will require several discs for physical release and it looks like we are going to see some physical release for the game. Looks like Aerosoft will keep a physical game box for the game.

Overall, the physical version of the game will pack up to 10 discs. It comes with a manual that can help you with some aspects of the game or the installation process. At any rate, this can be noticed on the part of collectors as we will imagine that this game will opt for digital download rather than using multiple disks to run. That said, the Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on August 18, 2020.

Source: PC Gamer

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