The Pegatron plant has accelerated the production of iPhones in India

One-third of Apple’s smartphone manufacturers have set up its first plant in the country, further boosting iPhone production in India. Foxconn and Western already have multiple parliamentary plants in India, and it is now known that Pegatron will set up the first plant there.

Apple has long sought to reduce its dependence on China by encouraging its suppliers to operate in other countries …

The U.S. trade war with China highlighted Apple’s weakness in keeping so much production capacity in one country, and the outbreak of the coronavirus temporarily shut down many factories there and others seemed to run on very little power.

Foxconn has factories in China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines. Western operates in China, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan and the Philippines. Pegatron has long been known to work on increasing production capacity in Indonesia, Vietnam and India, but we now have the first reports of plans for countries after that.

Bloomberg reports:

Apple Assembly partner Pegatron is preparing its first plant in India and has added a huge trend of foreign technology investment to the country this year.

In June, the Indian government made a $ 6.6 billion plan to sink the world’s top smartphone makers by providing financial incentives and ready-to-use manufacturing groups. Pegatron is now setting up a local subsidiary and joining Foxconn Technology Group, an assembly of Taiwanese electronics, and Western Corporation, which are already making some iPhone handsets in South India.

With several factories in China, Pegatron is the second largest iPhone assembler and more than half depends on Apple for business. It will be set up in southern India, like his peers, requesting not to be named as a person familiar with the planners. According to Matthew Canterman of Bloomberg Intelligence, Foxconn, also known as Hun Hai, wants to further expand its operations in the Western world, and Pegatron’s entry is seen as a defensive move to share budget iPhone production.

At first, iPhone production in India was only for products sold domestically. However, the combination of Apple’s desire to be less dependent on China and the Government of India’s carat-stick initiative to support its Made in India initiative has also seen an increase in production to create models for exports.

Further, more pre-assembly work is being done in India in response to tariffs on manufactured material to encourage more local production. We learned in February that Western is now operating a printed circuit board assembly in India. These were earlier collected in China and sent to India.

Photo: Zhou Zhuxiang / AP

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