The oral history of Oz Anubi’s shot that saves the Raptors ’season

TORONTO – Ozi Anunobi hit a buzzer-hitting three-pointer to return to the series on Thursday night with the Boston Celtics hitting a three-pointer to lead the Toronto Riders to a 104-103 win by three points in their second-round series, now just 2-1 behind.

Anubibi’s shot was a wild event that happened in just 0.5 seconds during the game and basically, saved the Raptors ’season. Look back here at the most important half-seconds of Toronto’s 2019-20 season in the words of the men on the floor at a time when seemingly impossible happened.

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All hope is lost

The key to understanding why the incomparable game-winner is so shocking and uplifting for the Raptors was to move to the time of the final asset.

With 21 seconds to play the game, Fred Vanvalitt nailed Celtics center Daniel This after a great move, tying the game 101-101 and nailing an acrobatic layout. Boston then chose not to take a deadline, but rather to play what Celtics coach Brad Stevens thought was the final shot.

So the Celtics put the ball in the hands of Kemba Walker, who was enjoying a great game at the moment, scoring 29 points in 9 of 15 shots.

The Raptors tried to send his double team after Vanvlitt and Mark Gasol both tried to trap him and get the ball out of his hands as he crossed the half-court. Walker, however, proved a ball-handler to be talented and escaped the trap by stumbling in the ring, unfortunately Kyle Lori tried to stop the ball on behalf of the Raptors and Pascal Siakam was watching the ball.

Walker, conscious Thesis left was on the Dunkar spot, then dropped a fantastic dime to Thesis, who slammed the ball home to give Boston a 103-101 lead with 0.5 left.

Pascal Siakam: “Of course disappointed with the layout. And for me I was in a position where I could remove it. The only decision, the verdict had to be called and you can’t leave the basket. It was just on me. ”

Brad Stevens: “I thought Kemba did a great drama. When they switched to the thesis the smart switch read did a good job, the smart came. You have two people in Kemba now and he is going to find the open one. He has done a good job. ”

Jillian Brown: “It was a great play. He did his job, he drew two and found the open man. He kept the two of us. It was a big play for us. We only needed one stop to win point-five on the clock. [expletive] Game and we end up losing. ”

Confidence never diminished

The Raptors set a deadline after Thepis Jam, but the game looked like it was over. Half a second was very little time for the Raptors to get anything good.

Or so thinking in looking outside.

Although the Raptors never lost faith.

Nick Nurse: “You know what? It looked like we were sitting in our chairs and they were ready for the game … They were sitting and when I turned around they were all sitting there waiting for me to give them a play and I decided, my I had two in mind, and made this decision. ”

Oz Anunobi: “After that, no one flinches. Everyone remained confident and said, ‘Next Play Just’ just focused on winning this drama and making a good shot off. We were confident [with] Anyone took the shot so we were just looking for the next play. This group is resilient. So just the next game mentality. ”

Fred Vanvillet: “You sit there and try to understand how he became so wide for a second, then you look at the clock and try to run a play to see how much time you have and shoot up. So it was a quick deadline. We had a quick discussion about what the play would be like and we made a decision and you go out and try to make an effective try Kyle makes a reading hack and makes the Ozzy shot.

“As long as there’s time, you can believe you can win. We’ve been in a lot of situations before. We’ve seen it all, so there’s really no panic. It was about trying to get a better look and we were able to do it.

Siakam: “It simply came to our notice then. I think we just wanted to draw a play, try to get what was open. ”

The play was supposed to be Vanville or Siakam

Oddly enough, even though the play looked like it fell perfectly with everything for Anubavi, Anunobi wouldn’t actually take the ball because the nurse drew it all up at first.

However, thanks to a slight misuse of part of the Celtics, Anubi left everything alone on the left side waiting for his pass – and ready to delight a lot of Raptors fans.

Kyle Lori: “It was a drama to make it to stand in Freddie’s corner, then our second option was Pascal, but we know Boston does a great job of keeping their internal flow going and Coach Stevens is a hell of a lot. [after-timeout] Offensive and defensive guy so, I, Mark took a step and I was just waiting, just waiting for the right moment and I saw Jillian Brown move a little towards Mark and I just had to pass a precise pass of a hack Oz and Oz’s shooter The ball continues to shoot very well and that’s the kind of moment that has a divided attitude, a steady-quiet moment and he’s ready for that. ”

Vanville: “I had the first option, so I was just trying to find a crease on one side of the taco or the other. I ran to Tatum I think at baseline so I tried to bounce back. Mark and I somehow fought for the position and were trying to find an outlet for Kyle. I think a lot of it was able to pull these off and I have no idea where the ball is going. I was following it myself, saw Ozzy standing there with a wide shot at that moment you were just following the ball, man and it went inside and the rest is history. It was a big shot powered by a pass hack and Ozzy and that’s why you never give up. ”

Molecules: “The play was to give Pasal a shot and they switched it to the top, and then Mark flashed and I think Zelen went to him in the flash and it left me open. So all this activity kept me open.”

Brown: “He was wide, wasn’t he? I think it was a miscommunication. He hit a hard shot to win the game. It’s tough. It’s tough. It’s something we could have come back to wish you could go ahead.”


Of course, Anunobi wouldn’t even get a chance to be a hero on Thursday night if he couldn’t do it for Kyle Lowry’s heroines.

Lori finished Game 3 with a game-high 11-point shootout of 23 of 23. Game 3 was more aggressive than he had been looking at all the playoffs long. The Raptors All-Star also finished with eight assists – seven-five-five Celtic Center Taco. In False’s outstretched arm, he’s nothing bigger than the right-wing lobbyist in Anunbi’s shooting pocket.

Nick Nurse: “There’s not much time you probably want. Let’s call him a six-foot-one guard, take the ball to a late-play situation because you see what they do, they try to shape it and limit your vision.” We probably need to do something similar, right? But you’re telling me why Kyle is taking it out, I’ll tell you because he’s got some courage, man, you’ve got to play some bold dramas from now on. ”

Vanville: “I didn’t see it live, but I saw it in the replay, it’s probably the hardest we’ve seen. Who’s defending the ball, given, the size of the kyle vs. the taco, and to keep it on top of so much airtime money, give the defender time to remove it if it’s still not in his mouth, it was a nice pass.

“And, you know, the more you give Kyle, the more you give him. We expect these things from him, so it’s unbelievably amazing [our point of view]. I got used to seeing him do these things based on the night and couldn’t have had a better connection with him than Oz tonight. ”

Low: “I actually got to see it. He backed away a bit, I think Freddie’s hard cut kinda took him away a bit. I didn’t get to see the play, I wanted to see it again, but I felt like I had enough touch for it holding hands. So I would watch the play but I thought he was a bit far. I came back, to give myself some space but it was a pass I made and the pass was nothing, Ozzy made the shot, all the credit goes to the shot.

“It’s a tough shot, give that credit to OG, the pass was to get to people like OG. Ogg’s moment, man. This is a great moment for this kid and I am so happy and very proud of him, man. Don’t take it – this pass meant nothing, the shot was everything. ”

Shot and its consequences

The best part of Anubi’s winning shot was the badlam that his Raptors teammate faced and in contrast to his calm, lace-ferra attitude throughout the event.

It provided some incredibly quoting listening bites from the Anubi post-game.

Nick Nurse: “There are not many options. You have to catch that thing and shoot, right? Really, really happy for him, he plays off his tail, man. She looks good [a] Big reward for that because he played so hard all over the court.

Molecules: “It was cool. Getting ready for Game 4 right now.”

Low: “It simply came to our notice then. I know deeply that he’s excited and he’ll get lots of text messages and needs his accomplishments, all the love and celebration he deserves tonight, that kid works extremely hard and as I said, this is his moment. Let him stay in it and when we see the picture tomorrow I’ll ruin it and tell him what I will do. ”

Vanville: “I know he’s overwhelmed. I think it’s just his nature. And to be in this situation, sometimes you don’t know what to do. You do not know how to respond. I don’t think he’s the kind of person who’s going around the court. I mean, it’s not just his personality. So it was true Ozzy form right there, to throw the biggest shot of his life and to behave like nothing happened.

“But for all of us, we were probably more interested in him than he was. So just the joy of the game and the love of the game, you must keep it, especially this time of year, to keep you going. So you probably got to see it there. ”

Molecules: “When I took the shot I was hoping to make it. I’m not trying to miss. I try to try the shots I shoot. So I was not surprised. I was not surprised. ”

Vanville: “I love it. I hope he has this kind of swab. But I must let him be that person for you.”

How to make rotors from this sensitive moment

A player-winning, buzzer-beating shot would certainly get adrenaline pumping and make for a great single moment, but the Raptors would still follow their series to a good Celtics team, so they would have to use Anunnibi’s Superman camouflage to move on to something bigger and better. As the way.

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Molecules: “It simply came to our notice then. I believe that in Game 2 we thought we could win. We did something wrong, we felt we could win that game. So this game, the same thing. We just wanted this game. So just plan the game and just try to win the next game. ”

Vanville: “It simply came to our notice then [about]. Several days have passed. The egg we put in Game 1 and get a beat like that. Then to play and lose really great for about 42 of the 48 minutes of Game 2 … we’ve been pretty tough on ourselves over the last few days. এটা সুন্দর হয়নি। মেজাজটি দুর্দান্ত হয়নি তবে আপনার কেবল একটু জাদু দরকার এবং আমি ভেবেছিলাম আমরা আজ রাতে দুর্দান্ত খেললাম।

সিয়াকাম: “এটা দরকার। ভাল জয়ের দরকার ছিল এবং আমি মনে করি আমরা ভাল বোধ করিনি, ইদানীং খুব ভাল হয়েছে এবং এটি একটি বড় জয়। এটি একটি বড় এক। একটি বড় জয় এবং স্পষ্টতই আমরা কেবল একটি গেমের জন্যই উদ্বিগ্ন থাকি এবং এটি সর্বদা আমরা কীভাবে গেমগুলি নিয়ে চিন্তা করি। একটি সময়ে এক খেলা. পরের গেমটি জিততে চেষ্টা করুন এবং এটিই আমাদের ফোকাস। পরবর্তী খেলা. এটা সত্যিই ভাল যে আমরা এইটি পেয়েছি এবং আমরা কেবল এগিয়ে যেতে পেরেছি। ”

নিচু: “এটি এখনও একটি উত্সাহ যুদ্ধ; আমার অর্থ, এই ছেলেরা অত্যন্ত প্রতিভাবান, তারা সত্যই সত্যই ভাল। তাই আগামীকাল সেই ফিল্মরুমে ফিরে আসুন, আজ রাতে বিশ্রাম নিন, আপনার দেহগুলি ঠিকঠাক করুন, আপনার মনের অধিকারটি পান, আপনার মধ্যে কিছু খাবার পান, হাইড্রেট করুন, আগামীকাল আমাদের পরের দিনটির দিকে মনোনিবেশ করুন এবং আমরা কী করতে যাচ্ছি তা নির্ধারণ করুন আগামীকাল এবং তারপর এগিয়ে যান। “

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