The official last episode of our podcast is now AP for streaming across multiple services

A week or so ago, Sony and developer Naughty Dog announced the official podcast for The Last of Ass. Today, the first of the episodes has debuted and may be streaming across multiple streaming services such as Spotify, Apple iTunes and more.

The official podcast is published every Tuesday and will run for the next eight weeks. Listeners will get an inside look at the game with some of your favorite characters Joel (Troy Baker) and Ellie (Ashley Johnson) as well as original developers like Neil Drakman.

Sony also said that around the seventh week of running the podcast they will discuss The Last of You Part 2 story, gameplay mechanics and many more in the spoiler area. This gives everyone enough time to play the highly anticipated game and come back to listen without fear of losing anything.

Watch the Officer The Last of Part 2 podcast:

Available today, the first episode of the episode will start from scratch, as we discuss the unforgettable first hours of The Last of Ass with cast members Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker with naughty dogs Neil Drakeman and Anthony Newman as

The last half of the second half has received a ton of news in the last few days due to the upcoming launch of next week’s games. There have been new interviews with Neil Drackman, details about accessibility functions and much more. Make sure the latest news is here with us!

Our final episode Episode 2 will be released next week for the PlayStation 4 set on June 19. Are you interested in the highly anticipated sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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