The NHL will hold an unusual draft lottery: ‘It could mean a lot of intrigue

Alexis Lafrinier may have a clear picture of where he will start his NHL career before going to bed on Friday.

Then again, probably not.

In a world plagued by the COVID-19 epidemic – where countless people and business lives have been turned upside down – the NHL was set to advance to the first round of the most unusual draft lottery in its night history on the same night in Montreal.

Instead of first hearing his name at the Bell Center in front of family and friends, he drove a short drive from there to St.-Ustache, Cui., Lafrenier, a possible number pick of 2020, to see him and wait like no other place in the hockey world Please.

With seven franchises out of the league’s 24-team plan to be part of the lottery at the end of this summer, the last-place Detroit Red Wings will come through the Buffalo Sabers at 18.5 percent with the best single odds. .5.5 percent.

The Ottawa senators have the second-highest odds after sitting 30th overall when the NHL season ended on March 12, but for the combined 25, the San Jose Sharks have a first-round pick (11.5 percent) of the chance to pick Lafrinier, a glittering winger and twice-year-old Ligan. Players.

So if a combination of Detroit, Ottawa, Ottawa (from San Jose), Los Angeles, Anaheim, New Jersey and Buffalo is to win a separate lottery for three out of one, everything will be set in the top-7.

The draft lottery is usually held in April before the end of the regular season and playoffs, but was postponed due to epidemics before the NHL released the format last month.

“We’re very happy with how this goes,” said Senator General Manager Pierre Dorion. “We know we’ll get the top 6 players in the worst case scenario, or the best case one and two players.”

Matters will become interesting, however, if at least one of the top three picks is secured by one of the eight placeholders – in disagreements between six and one percent – which surrounds the 15 clubs in the lottery.

This is because we don’t know the eight still-determined clubs (the NHL defines them as Team A through Team H) that will meet the losing sides of the set of the top five series – the league qualifiers before the playoffs.

For example, if Detroit wins the first-place pick, Ottawa takes second place, while Team A wins the third place by defeating the odds, a second lottery will be held after the league play-in round, with each of the eight clubs equaling 12.5. Zero pick-up-percent-shot.

The same is true if the team through H secures any combination of one, two and three picks. If a placeholder spot does not occupy the top-3 slot, a second lottery will not be needed and will be determined by the regular season two points percentage of the losing teams from the 8th to 15th rounds.

“The league came up with a very creative solution,” said Nashville Predator GM David Poyle, whose club will face Arizona Coyotes in the qualifying round. “I wanted to be either a play-off team or a lottery team, but I didn’t want to be both and I didn’t want anyone else to be both.

“This complex (two-phase) lottery system actually makes a lot of money, and it can mean a lot of conspiracy.”

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