The new leaked show is live on the PlayStation 5 Media Remote Streaming button

The PlayStation 5 is almost above us, though exactly when it will happen and how much the console will cost remains a mystery as Sony holds their cards close to their chests despite rumors that the release is less than two months away.

However, more details about what the console can do and what items you can buy are still being published. Okay, now we know a little more about Media Remote and it seems like it’s designed with brain streaming – something sure to please technology fans who please like gaming and streaming services in equal measure.

While Sony has previously focused on gaming, the Xbox console which focused more on media aspects, it appears that Sony has now decided to have more spotlights and a clear sign of a media remote is called a clue.

Recent reports show that with the click of a button you will be able to access services like Disney +, Spotify, YouTube and Netflix. So with just a click of a button to constantly cool The Little Mermaid’s Sebastian Crab, you’ll be able to go from a painful experience to something like The Last of Us 2.

Or the same leaks indicate that any button press will even have voice control on the remote, making it easier to navigate through the PlayStation 5 dashboard. Although Sony itself has not confirmed anything about this, they have put this cause as the reason for the addition and we would be surprised if any media does not work like a remote.

It is also worth noting that the Brazilian site Technoblog also has a release date for the marked remote. November 17 Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. We’ve heard that the date was mentioned quite a bit when we should expect the new console and which is 7 days after the Xbox Series X release date on November 10th, it is understandable that Sony will keep the release date to its own.

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