/The NBA has posted three more games, 13 in total, due to the Cavid-19

The NBA has posted three more games, 13 in total, due to the Cavid-19

National basketball basketball has postponed three more games on Friday as a result of positive testing of the novel coronavirus or contact tracing protocol, which suspended 13 last week due to the league’s wider impact.

Washington’s games between the Wizards of Washington and the Cleveland Cavaliers were postponed on Sunday and Monday due to Minnesota Timberwall’s matchup against Memphis Grizzlies in Minneapolis for Friday.

The Wizards’ game against the Detroit Pistons was postponed before Friday due to a communication tracing protocol that reduced the number of eligible players to less than the required eight. Timbervalve had to stop their game for the same reason.

The games were postponed for the sixth consecutive day by the NBA, which on Tuesday announced additional COVID-19 protocols, including limiting players to their accommodation at home and on-street team hotels to reduce the spread of SARS-Covi. -2 virus which causes COVID-19.

Despite the growing number of suspensions, ESPN has told countless anonymous team health officials and executives that they did not think the league would suspend play or return to the isolation model – or bubble – that was fully used last season at the Disney World Sports Complex. Near Orlando

“No one wanted to go back to the long bubble of anonymity that took us to this position,” the website quoted an anonymous Western Conference general manager as saying. “This is doable but suboptimal.”

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