The Muzo leather iPhone 12 case is a great alternative to Apple’s official cases

I’m not a fan of using my iPhone in any case, especially with the stunning new iPhone 12 design. Still, I still want to be in some cases – either to protect my iPhone in certain situations or to change its style from time to time. I’ve been using the Mozzo leather case with my iPhone 12 Pro Max for the past month and it has proven to be a great alternative to Apple’s MagSafe leather case.

This isn’t my first time using the Muzzo leather case, so I had no doubt about the quality of the product – but I was curious to see how it compares to Apple’s official leather case for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Now I have Muzzo Tan Full Leather Case and Apple’s Baltic Blue Leather Magsaf Case.

Muzor’s case amazes anyone with his unboxing experience. The case comes in an elegant box with magnets that showcase its premium quality. The packaging is prettier than Apple’s Magsaf case box, but what’s important is that it comes in handy – which is obviously the case.

The case is very brief and the details are simply discreetly engraved on the back of the Muzor brand. Even the buttons are made under the same material as the case, and they can be very hard to press when you start using the case but they soften quite quickly. On the inside, Muzo’s skin has a microfiber to avoid scratches on the iPhone, which Apple does the same in its own case.

There is a barrier to the camera cutout to protect the camera lenses when you place the iPhone on a table or any other surface. Both Apple’s Magsaf case and the Muzzo leather case are about 1 millimeter thicker than the iPhone to protect the screen.

Although they look relatively the same in terms of design, the feeling in each case at hand is quite different. Muzzo uses more textured leather, which enhances the grip of the case and makes it less slippery when holding the phone – which is really important if you have a huge phone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple’s leather, on the other hand, has soft leather with less detail and is easily slippery. One advantage of the Apple leather case is that they have metal buttons that are easier to press and hold, but at the same time the camera cutout has a plastic bump that makes the phone slip on a table.

So which case to choose? Well, it depends on what is expected of you in any case because there are some important differences between them to keep in mind.

Either way will protect your iPhone from last scratches and even some accidental drops. The metallic buttons make Apple’s leather case even more elegant, but having a soft grip is something that worries me. Muzzo may not have fancy buttons like Apple’s case, but they have better grip and are cheaper.

The downside of Muzzo’s cases is that they weren’t made for Magsaf, which means the new magnetic stuff built for the iPhone 12 won’t work properly with these cases. If you don’t use Magsaf’s accessories it doesn’t matter because it still works with Kiwi chargers, but if you plan to use it with the Magsaf charger then you can get Magsaf’s case from Apple

If you are looking for a premium leather case for a reasonable price for your iPhone, the Muzzore cases are definitely a great option to choose.

In the case of the Muzo full leather, the iPhone 12 model costs 41 41 on the Muzo website – and you can get them on Amazon as well. The Apple Online Store costs $ 59 for Apple’s MagSafe leather cases.

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