/The murder of Samira Fresh by her husband Adam Fresh has appeared in the American Monster

The murder of Samira Fresh by her husband Adam Fresh has appeared in the American Monster

Adam Fresh was accused of abusive husband killing his wife in anger. Peak Credit: Correction Florida Division

This week in the discovery of the investigation, American Monster sees Florida couple Adam and Samira Fresh, whose marriage ended in murder.

Adam Fresh was a successful jet-setting pediatrician whose life was filled with cars, women, fancy homes and lots of cash. However, he dropped them off near Tallahassee, Florida, when he killed his five-year-old wife, Samira Fresh, at their posh home in the Golden Eagle.

On February 22, 2014, a maintenance worker discovered Samira’s body in the couple’s swimming pool. An autopsy revealed that he had drowned from a blunt force trauma to his head.

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That morning, Adam and his two daughters took Jimma Yukon to Panama City Beach and fled in violation of custody orders.

The Frenchman denied any involvement in the death of his estranged wife, claiming he had drunk two bottles of champagne and that he must have fallen into the pool. A toxicology report found no trace of alcohol in his body.

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Samira gets angry for cheating on Fresh Adam

Samira, annoyed by her husband’s blasphemy, recently filed for divorce and was granted custody of their two children and the gold agglutinous home. Police found out about the increasingly unstable relationship between the couple as they argued about their divorce and fraternity payments.

Police believe it was during an argument that Fresh had beaten and stabbed his wife. They think she panicked and decided to end up pushing him into the swimming pool.

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While Fresh was awaiting his trial, he told a fellow prisoner that he had hit his wife with a golf club and pushed her into a pool before fleeing the scene.

In most cases, despite the circumstantial evidence, Fresh was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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