The most annoying enemy in 10 video games that we wanted to avoid

Enemies in games were designed to give us a challenge to defeat. But sometimes enemies are not challenged. They are just the most annoying enemies in boring flat games. They slow down our progress, infect us with negative status, or just give us headaches because they are not fun to fight. Today, we are keeping a close eye on the most annoying enemies in video games. The kind of animal we just wanted to ignore.

It’s less about the toughest enemies in the games. Tough enemies and annoying enemies sometimes overlap like them Murderer From the new Doom: Eternal Game. These guys are both annoying and harsh, but they don’t fit the spirit of this list. Many of the enemies here are actually very simple, but there is no easy way to deal with them or they are often present or just out of reach, you just can’t destroy them easily. The worst guys are the ones we don’t want to deal with.

Stuck at home? Take a look back at some of the gamerans lists:

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Winter lanterns just kill looking at you (Blood-borne)

There’s an enemy here that we haven’t fixed I want To avoid, we Was Avoid – If you see them standing anywhere, you will create a ‘crazy’ meter and can do a lot of damage. You can see that their bulb head is in the eye, so no matter what angle you attack, they will see you.

It’s not like just one of these guys. You have to deal with more than once while they are patrolling Nightmare Frontier. The only way to avoid killing yourself is to scarf the shady, a rare cure that you have probably never used before in the face of these horrible monsters.

And what makes all this worse? There is a larger version of this creature that spreads its visibility Meniscus’s nightmare Zone. This beacon the size of a lighthouse can cause damage anywhere you stand.

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Damn awful moth (Resident Ev Will: Code Veronica)

Insects are prohibited from the existence of any Resident Evil: Code Veronica player. These hard-hit enemies will begin to appear in the Arctic Base section, a new territory where you will get lost and confused. Worse, they only spread over a single hallway – a hallway you have to cross more than once.

And Worse? They can poison you. In the original version of the game, you only have a limited supply of blue herds, so if you spend a lot of time with moth hallways (yes, they always breathe) and you can easily make it impossible to win the game.

Even in the updated versions where you’ll see more blue bushes, it’s still the most annoying part of the game – and in a game full of annoyance like a code game it says a lot.

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