/The medium will not be in favor of featured weapons warfare

The medium will not be in favor of featured weapons warfare

Tim Blueber is known for providing them with some incredible horror games. These are small developer studios but with their games, they continue to provide some great work while trying to raise the bar even higher in terms of quality and game scope. In fact, the release of the title of their next video game is said to be their biggest yet. We are referring to Medium, of course, a game that developers are creating after being influenced by Konami IP Silent Hill.

This game is a bit mysterious and we don’t have tons of information right now. That being said, we know that the players land in the role of a woman named Marion who is able to go into the realm of consciousness. It is set as a ghost game of survival and the visuals must look like a very atmospheric title, with the value of a match with the audio. The composer working on this project is Akira Yamoka, who is well known for working with the Silent Hill franchise.

In an issue with Edge, it was revealed that Medium has no arms embargo. This may seem like a hidden and running game at the moment, but it could change if more information is revealed. At any rate, it looks like the players will have two spiritual abilities which are a blast and an explosion. The explosion is apparently something that is primarily used in environmental puzzles rather than war, and these puzzles will merge with the real world as well as the spiritual realm.

Currently, the medium has no release date yet, but it is set to launch later this year for PC and Xbox Series X platforms. In other news, Team Blueber has been rumored to be merging its firm with its buyer, although no confirmation has been received.

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