The Martial Arts Act relating to ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’ is horribly wrong [VIDEO]

Andrei Lezhnev tried to bring the danger factor into the genius of Ukraine. And while his performance was criticized, the military artist certainly injured himself during a risky trick that was not poorly performed. Check out his audition below and don’t try to roll your eyes in fear.

Andrei Lejanov Victims of traumatic accidents during the ‘Got Talent of Ukraine’ Act

Zheleznov’s routine began in full force as soon as he took the stage after the bold leather dress. He started a carthill and was joined on stage by his partner. He knelt down and he recovered a sword that had been left behind his shirt. When you see that a huge sword appears in this kind of activity, your first reaction is probably “oh” or something. Looking at this law, it seems to be a mixture of martial arts and knife throwing. Leaving less than to impress the judges, he began to wield his sword around the stage. Then, he removed his shirt to his assistant. He lay down with broken glass and looked as if he was in pain after falling behind him. The lack of excitement in his acting persuaded a judge to give him his red buzzer. The power and novelty of acting certainly spread very fast.

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But it was his next strategy that really bothered people to protect him. Zheleznov had a spread that knives kept it out. As you can imagine, he stabbed someone during this joke. Even the hoop even came to a point where the audience all gasped. He blew blood from behind and faced the camera. Not only that, during the joke a knife got stuck in his ankle but he ate it as if he was not actually hurt. The judges and the audience were shocked to see the blood. Apparently, he didn’t finish advancing to the next round of the competition.

Where is he now?

Well, we don’t know exactly where he is. It is very difficult to find him on social media and there is no sign of him on the internet which is easily found without his audition. But perhaps your son’s intelligence skills can help us find out if he’s still carrying out this strangely dangerous act. As we all search for him, we have a collection of features that have been horribly mistaken for features of other dangerous activities. There is certainly a huge risk factor in performing such activities in live talent competition shows and there may be some missteps by increasing the pressure to add the audience in a real sense. In this video, you’ll see some familiar faces from America’s Got Talent, such as the infamous fall of Duo Transcend with Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn’s Fire Trick.

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What do you think is the most dangerous job you have ever seen during a talent contest?


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