The Mario Kart Tour has embarked on a new Berlin-themed tour

Nintendo revealed this week that they kicked off a two-week Berlin-themed event on the Mario Kart Tour to enjoy! The event has just started with the latest update to the game and will run until 9:59 pm on January 26. The update will come with a new course themed around German cities as well as new costumes for many characters, but especially Luigi. Like you can see him here and yes, the eye next to him is more managing in this hat when you pass him. We’ve got more details for you here showing the course with photos and a trailer.

Luigi wore leatherhose with a sausage, but it’s a Nintendo, so no beer. Courtesy Nintendo.

In the real world, people will often see Berlin’s signature red and green men, known as Empelmenchen, adorned at pedestrian crossings across the city. The Mario Kart Tour Berlin trip brings its own signature red and green men: Mario and Luigi! Of course, whenever Lakito’s light turns green, it’s time to light the rubber, so the characteristic driver of this tour is the green racing machine Luigi.

Luigi’s outfit to impress with some traditional thematic German scent during a week of Berlin tour – you’ll be able to deploy him to his dazzling new Lederhassen getup! It is safe to say that this was not the case. Better buck up, because he’s ready to loosen his skin with some tire scratches. Try the new Fast Frank Cart or Butterfly Wings Glider for a spectacular ride on the iconic Berlin TV Tower.

During the two weeks of the Berlin tour, Luigi continued to mix it with a combination of penguin Luigi, builder Luigi and Luigi (classic). As you continue your journey through the sights and sounds of Berlin, choose from new additions such as sushi racer carts and blooper wingtip gliders. Keep an eye out for famous landmarks such as neoclassical monuments, the Brandenburg Gate and the East Historic East Side Gallery.

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