The Mafia Trilogy is published in Remaster Teachers Trace [/ embed]

After waiting a few days for Mafia’s official Twitter account to post mysterious tweets, we can finally confirm that the newly designed version of Mafia is coming and above all, it’s a triangle release that will include the titles of the first three video games. The announcement came in the form of an ad video posted online today. Fans who have probably missed the original device or even the sequel and release of Mafia 3 will soon have the opportunity to enjoy them with some interesting images.

Mafia was first launched in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. However, a few years ago, we were able to acquire a new device introduced by Mafia 2 which was launched on the latest generation platforms in 2010. Surprisingly enough, Mafia 3 was released only a few years ago in 2016, but it is guaranteed to get enough attention from 2K. – Fans of bilingual upgraded releases for current generation platforms.

Games are set at different times and they all have a hero in whom to follow their story. If you haven’t enjoyed the games in the first place, the newly updated version will bring all the previous available content for the games, although details are still scarce. At the moment, only three main characters from the commercial game trilogy are featured, with additional details to be presented in 1920. Should be published May 20 of the year

However, there are a few new entrants to the franchise, only a third. Now fans who may have missed previous releases may have the opportunity to enjoy the touch of modernity to meet the standards used for today’s video games. Take a look at the trailer for the new video above and wait for the final details this month.

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