The latest trailer of Naughty Dog about the second part conversation about the story

Naughty Dog has released a new version of the shot, which features the highly anticipated title part “Our Last Part” story.

The latest video from The Last of You Part 2, which is with the staff, follows the development of the game. More precisely, the story of the game. Video stars director Neil Drakman, narrator Haley Gross and many more important programmers talk about the plot of the game.

Not much is shared about the plot, but as the developers mentioned, TLW Part 2 will have many twists and turns. The wait is almost over as the game is scheduled to be released next month.

Get inside the trailer of the story below. For the last 2nd part. [/ embed]

In related news, Naughty Dog has released the highly anticipated headline, the official story trailer for Part 2 of “Our Last”.

There is an official story in The Last of As Part 2 which shows some pictures and cuts of the games, showing how lonely Eli is in this next adventure. We also see how cruel moments can be with enemies. Check out the latest trailer for TLO Part 2 right now

The latest installment between us is June 2, 2020, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Source: YouTube

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