The latest NBA 2K21 update details the original shot sticks, fix bugs and many more ‘patch notes

2K Sports took them to their website and gave the details and details of the latest update to hit the critically acclaimed sports title – NBA 2K21.

The update is now available for download across all platforms and it brings some very welcome changes. One of the big ones is the reverted shot stick. Many players weren’t interested in seeing the new pro stick goal / shot timing selector, so the developers patched up the old shot stick so many of us are accustomed to. Additionally, we see some common bug fixes, gameplay adjustments, and more.

Check out the full set of patch notes for NBA 2k21 below:


  • New Pro Stick Imaging / Shot Timing Selector. In your first boot, you will now have the option to choose between using the new Pro Stick Eaming Mechanic or the traditional Thyme Shot Timing Mechanic. Your settings file will be updated with the appropriate selection. As always, you can go to your settings at any time to update your shooting preferences.
  • A few hangs were fixed during the same session when entering and exiting different game modes or moving to certain locations.
  • Andrew Wiggins now appeared with light facial hair to present his look more accurately.


  • Enables the ability to use pro stick shot imaging by turning off shot meter settings.
  • Ideal Shot Eaming Point is now determined by how slow or fast the pro stick initially replaces when the shot starts. A slow flick will move the ideal goal point to the left, while a quick flick will move the ideal point to the right, giving players more continuity with the shooting of the pro stick.
  • Ant Up has been changed to use competitive slider settings (more skill based).
  • When the shot response setting is set to “Off”, players and opponents will no longer see great release (green light) animations.
  • Immediately after shooting certain dribble moves, fixed unsolicited ad shots were playing.
  • Reliability of stable dunk when using pro stick.
  • The double team has disabled the index in an attempt to clear the on-screen UI based on community feedback.
  • Added the ability to shoot flatter driving farther away from the basket.
  • After the Park Handles badge was unlocked, the dribble moves of the running park of the Pro Stick were recreated, allowing continued use of hard stops with L2 / LT.
  • Dribble has cleared some animation pops on the move system.
  • Fixed ball physics bugs if shot timing is set to real player%.
  • Mention the effectiveness of the lead-to-basketball feature in preventing exploitation.

My job

  • Fixes a Pro M3v3 hang reported by the community.
  • Some users fix the hang that they set when entering / leaving the cage.
  • Addressing a case where some users reported losing control of their MyPlayer during gameplay.
  • MICORT fixes a problem where the player was unable to finish some mini-games with a specific NBA player as AI.
  • Fixes a hang that may occur at the beginning of a 3-on-3 game in MyCoort.
  • Fan growth in park games fixes a problem that doesn’t freeze properly.
  • Addresses an issue where custom shoes sometimes do not display properly with other players on the beach.
  • Some users fixed the hang that was fixed during the transition between beach instances.
  • Users will now get the right view after winning the college championship.

My team

  • Fix a hang that can happen if the user tracks an expired agenda.
  • The progress bar on the agenda tracker fixes a problem that will fail to display progress.
  • Fixed user interface issues when applying and upgrading badges to player cards.

Mileg / MyGM

  • Accessing 2K share content (draft class / player / roster) should now work properly.
  • Tune in to improvements in player progress based on community feedback. With our new “Boom or Boost” system, player progress / regression is completely rewritten to provide a level of mobility for 2K21 so that players follow different career orcs in different playthroughs.
  • Adds a MyLAGU item that the user will be stunned when selecting the save option after accessing the previously shared save list.

In related news, 2K Sports has released a new trailer for their NBA 2K21 for their demos which is now available for download!

The new trailer is related to the demo of the game which is available for download starting from today. Within its 30-second runtime, the new trailer quickly spread the title, featuring NBA stars from both past and present. If you still haven’t picked the NBA 2K21, can you probably give Demoti a try? Check out the demo trailer for NBA 2K21 right here!

NBA 2K21 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Are you playing the latest entry in the series? Happy new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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