The Last Jedi director Ryan Johnson describes the fascists as George Lucas’s prequel trilogy children’s movie

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Ryan Johnson recently described George Lucas’s “Star Wars Prequel Trilogy” as a children’s movie about fascists.

Johnson Scott said in response to a tweet from Malthhouse, “Say something really nice about Star Wars predecessors.”

Tell a really nice thing about the previous Star Wars

– Scott Malthhouse @ (@trolishdilver) June 27, 2020

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Johnson wrote in response, “Lucas made a long 7 hour long movie for children about how the fear of rights and harm turned good people into fascists.”

He added, “And it’s time to lead almost every technological sea change in modern filmmaking over the last 30 years.”

Lucas made an hour-long film for children while learning how to qualify for children and the fear of harm turned good people into fascists, and led almost every technological sea change in modern filmmaking over the past 30 years.

– Ryan Johnson (িয়ানJianJohanson) June 29, 2020

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Johnson’s comments about Lucas’ prequel trilogy came after several rumors surfaced that Lucas did not like Johnson’s The Last Jedi movie at all.

A rumor from YouTuber Dumcock back in May indicated that Lucas had attended the screening of the film and said, “I made a terrible mistake.”

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Dumcock then elaborated that “Lucas was shocked. He is even more shocked than staying with the Force Awakeners. ”

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Bionic female producer Kamran Pasha in a separate rumor that Lucas hated The Last Jedi.

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“I don’t have an insider’s knowledge,” Pasha told Geeks + gamers’ host Jeremy Griggs. I have people who know George Lucas personally and well, who told me he hated The Last Jedi and was horrified to see what happened. “

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“I have people, screenwriters who have worked with Lucasfilm who told me directly that he hates it,” Pasha further explained.

Regarding Lucas’ official comments about the film, he issued a statement through his spokeswoman Connie Whittington, who said Lucas described the film as “beautifully made.”

Whittington added, “And it was admirable after talking to director Ryan Johnson.”

Lucas had previously described Disney as a “white slave” in an interview with Charlie Rose in December 2015. And Bob Eger, the former CEO of Disney, elaborated in his memoirs that Lucas The Force responded by waking up, “There’s nothing new.”

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Eiger explained, “Just before the worldwide release, The Force Awakens appeared on behalf of Kathy George. She did not hide her frustration. “There’s nothing new,” he said. “

“It was important for him to present new worlds, new stories, new characters and new technology to each film in the original trilogy. In this one, he said, “There wasn’t enough visual or technical leap forward. He wasn’t wrong, but he was under pressure to give enthusiastic fans a film that we didn’t even appreciate, which Fifth War Star Wars felt.” Iger added.

Eger added, “We deliberately created a world that was visible and tonally connected to previous films, so that people didn’t stay away from what people liked and expected, and George criticized us for what we tried to do.”

He concludes, “Looking back over the years and a few more Star Wars movie perspectives, I believe J.J. Achieved the near-impossible by building a perfect bridge between what happened and what would happen. “

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