The Kentucky Blue Joyce fan offers bizarre, creative solutions for team homes

Toronto – The Toronto Blue Jays are a team that needs a solution. On Monday afternoon, at 2:54 p.m., ET received an email with the subject “Temporary Home,” with an offer in the inboxes of several front office officials, including General Manager Ross Atkins.

“I understand that Blue J has been displaced from Skydome and Toronto, well … because of 2020,” it began. “As a big fan of the club since 1977, I would like to present my hometown of Midway, Kentucky as the home site of Blue Joyce Baseball.”

A big fan is Bob Rouse, who was born and raised and still lives in the midway between Lexington and Frankfurt, with a population of about 2,000. Won Dec 193737

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Although he was proudly useful, he wasn’t really sure about the nickname, because they “played beer and tigers, and I always thought Blue Joyce wasn’t the hardest, toughest nickname out there.” 19 Expansion7 Everything changed when an expansion team was born north of the border.

“When a professional sports team came and took the nickname Blue Jess – count me,” said Rouse, who received gifts from his two sons, his family, who received Joe Carter’s jersey, hanging out in his room. “I’ve always been a fan.”

So on Saturday, when he saw the news that the Canadian government had rejected the club’s plans to host a regular-season game at the Rogers Center this summer, he posted the story on a local Facebook group and suggested the city should offer to host them.

This caused some buzz, so he typed the email and made his pitch, to bring the following “reasons” to midway:

“1. We’re a small town, so playing without fans shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Midway College has a brand-spanning new baseball field that was set to open this spring – of course interrupted by COVID, so it never played again.

3. I’m friends with both the mayor and the college president, so I’m your guy at Midway.

4. Despite our small population, the mayor and college president are not the same person.

5. We have significantly better restaurants.

The. The aforementioned Midway Blue Joyce won the state basketball championship in 193737, so you know that winning comes naturally.

My. My wife makes great blondies (like brownies, except for light colors). If I ask, he’ll make a big batch for the team (and the executives, I think). “

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To prove that Neil Zed has the best interest in his heart, he added, “I should also advise you on some of the flaws” for his plan:

“1. We don’t have a hotel, so the team has to stay in a town next door. (We’re between Lexington and Frankfurt.”

2. The team may be in the college dorm, but students will return before the end of the MLB season, so it can be awkward.

3. While the field of baseball is new, as I mentioned, I can’t say whether it fits MLB specs.

4. I’m not sure if the college’s clubhouse facilities will meet the players ’expectations. Honestly, maybe not every clubhouse. “

“So yes, there are a few strikes against Midway as the temporary home of professional baseball teams,” the letter continues. “But as a true blue fan I would be rude not to offer to help the team in this challenging time. (I should add that I own three separate Blue Joyce Ball Caps – not sure if it’s for or against you.)

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In sending the letter, Rousseff argued that “in some cases you just have to do something”.

What did he expect?

“I thought I got a reply email that said, ‘We can’t honor your request at the moment, and we’re really over-busy, you’re stupid,'” he said with a laugh. “But I got the best phone call from Christine Robertson, director of their fan service. We talked for about 10 minutes on Monday night and I just sent him an email to thank him.

“I’m a small town boy, so it’s okay to hear from the front office of a big-league baseball team – of course there was really no intention to accept me, but I think he got a smile from my invitation and I must have touched his personal publicity. Just good customer relationship and fan services. I’m grateful for that. “

As Neil Joyce continues to find a home on Tuesday, the club is still trying to resolve issues in terms of sharing a big-league advantage. Center-fielder Randall Grichuk said the players “heard Buffalo, we heard Baltimore, probably Pittsburgh,” although “at the moment I haven’t heard of a specific place I’m going to play yet.”

A report by Jason Mackie of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states that progress is being made toward sharing the PNC Park, but Grichuk said:

“Luckily we’re starting on the road,” he added.

That would leave Midway out of the mix, which Rouse understands, although he felt a compulsion to get Town Mayor Grayson Vandgrift ready, “only if he got a random call.”

“He’s very interested in it,” Rousseau added. Now, I’m all about it. Maybe we should have a sister city. ’Mayors think of that position.

On a more serious note, as editor-in-chief of the courier magazine of the National Tour Association, which serves an international network of tour operators, Raus knew early on that chaos and COVD-19 had caused economic damage.

Even the baseball team he likes is not immune.

“Our members have been devastated by this epidemic and of course see problems in general for Major League Baseball and the Blue Jays in particular have only passed through 2020,” he said. “I’m attracted to talking to Christine, reading all the articles and fitting in – just like all the fans – which option would be better. Dunedin, Florida would not be a good option because if you survive the quid you may die from the heat. What I don’t know is that an outdoor stadium in Florida is a good plan. I’ve seen him play in other big-league ballpark and not be a fan, I don’t think that’s bad

“But I’m interested in the team.”

Even if they don’t solve the ongoing problem midway.

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