The iCloud terms could be unfair, the Italian regulator said

A no-confidence motion has been opened in Italy, claiming Apple’s iCloud terms could be unfair.

The investigation was opened by the country’s unreliable regulator, AGCM, which is also investigating Google and Dropbox …

Autorita’s Guaranta della Concorenza e del Marcato (Competitive Guarantor Authority and Market) made the announcement in a press release.

The Code of Conduct complaint relates to improper commercial practice and the possible presence of unjust paragraphs in contractual terms.

Competition and marketing authorities have launched six investigations against several major international operators of cloud computing services. The parties involved are Google (for Google Drive services), Apple (for iCloud services) and Dropbox, each involved in both unlawful commercial practices and / or violations of consumer rights guidelines.

In particular, when providing search services for unfair practices against Google and Apple, the operator expresses concern about the user’s failure or inadequate indications for commercial use of the data collected and used by the user, and the potential unreasonable impact on consumers. May not consent to the collection and use of information relating to them for commercial purposes.

Similar allegations have been made against Dropbox.

The four specific issues Google, Dropbox and iCloud are considering are the terms and conditions, to see if they can be unfair to consumers.

First, companies state that they have the right to suspend services, although users can rely on them for access to important documents.

Second, cloud services claim that they cannot be held responsible for data loss, even though it includes all the stores that users place there.

Third, the company reserves the right to change the terms at any time.

Finally, the English version of the agreement took precedence over the Italian version, even though it was the Italian version that customers accepted.

The investigation falls under the incredible heading because it would be reasonable to assume that companies are so influential in their fields that they can impose any conditions of their choice, fair or unfair. This is the most recent mistrust investigation with Apple, along with most of the others related to the App Store. Last week, new complaints came from developers in Japan.

TechCrunch noted that the European Commission is taking a hard line on terms and conditions of late.

In recent years, the European Commission has pushed social media companies into a pan-EU push to clarify their T&S – which led Facebook to agree with the plain-spoken T&CS last year, as well as some additional tweets, such as a deal to unilaterally amend.

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