The IC Grill rapper displays his private jet

Rapper Savity recently took to Instagram to show off his personal jet. Peak Credit: Official Southee / YouTube

Rapper Savity (Kiava Valentin Harper in Diamond) recently went on social media to show off his first private jet.

The IC Girl rapper took to her Instagram on December 22 to share photos of her private jet ride.

One picture shows Saviti walking towards the jet and the other shows her walking under one wing of the aircraft.

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Several pictures show him posing in a pose while getting on the jet.

Another photo shows rapper Kovavo standing behind him.

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“I pride myself on flying in fashion!” He captioned the photo.

She also went to her Instagram story to celebrate flying in her private jet. He uploaded a video of himself standing in front of the jet.

“I got my first M ***** F ***** G jet,” Savity said as people standing nearby clapped.

Sait’s personal jet: Fans and friends respond via social media

Many of Savita’s Instagram followers responded to her Instagram post with congratulatory messages.

“Savity got this jet and I think we got a jet,” one Instagram fan wrote.

I am proud to fly in fashion!

– diamonté (ওsawetti) December 22, 2020

Several colleagues also welcomed her on Instagram, including Supa St., rapper Fat Joe and actress Jasmine Brown (aka Watchzi).

Congratulations, Saviti has brought herself a jet

– Glactopics (@block_topics) December 22, 2020

Twitter has debated how Savitie was able to operate a private jet

While many social media users have congratulated Social on his acquisition of his first private jet, many have questioned how he was able to afford one.

Citing information obtained online about Sweety’s net worth, many wondered how he got the money to buy a private jet when other rappers, including more music sales, couldn’t afford it.

I’m not looking for pockets, but I’m looking for someone who has a private jet in the wrap the suite has only two main units? (Her estimated total value is $ 4 million) Her multi-platinum boyfriend Kovavo doesn’t have. Does this have to be in front of something sort of?

– Vince Vona (@ VinceCharming9) December 22, 2020

How much does a private jet cost?

According to, a new private jet can cost anywhere from anywhere from 3 3 million to 90 90 million, depending on the size, flight range, model and other features.

Although pre-owned private jets are cheap, they usually cost millions to acquire

According to the website, maintenance and repair costs for both new and pre-owned private jets typically range from ,000 500,000 to 4 million.

One of the cheapest private jets available on the market is the small Cyrus Vision jet, priced at 1.96 million.

A small Cessna Cation CJ3 + costs about 8. 8.3 million, while a Midsize Cessna Cation XLS + costs about .8 12.8 million.

What is the net worth of Saviti?

According to Celebrity Networth, Southee is worth 4 4 million.

Forbes estimates that you need at least million 20 million to own a private jet. So, if Southee’s freebie is only 4 million, he can’t afford it.

However, Forbes notes that people who travel a lot but cannot afford to buy a private jet may own shares of a fraction of the jet.

Did Coavo buy the private jet for Saoti?

However, some social media users have suggested that the site’s boyfriend Kovo may have bought the jet for her.

Covo appeared in some photos and video clips uploaded to celebrate Savity flying in his private jet.

Peak Credit: @Tamarinka / Twitter

What we don’t know is that it was Kovavi who bought the private jet for Saiti.

However, Celebrity Net Worth estimates the total value of Kovavo at $ 26 million. According to Forbes’ estimate you need at least million 20 million to own a private jet, Coavo could probably pay for it.

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