The Houdini rapper died at the age of 56

Hip hop legend John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher dies at 56 has peak credit: 1029 KBLX / YouTube

Rapper John “Ecstasy” Fletcher, one of the founding members of the leading hip-hop group Houdini, has died at the age of 56.

TMZ said Fletcher was living in the Atlanta area at the time of his death.

Fletcher’s passing was announced by Roots drummer and frontman Koistlov (Ahmir Khalib Thompson).

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Questlov went to her Instagram page earlier today to share the sad news of the ETC pass with her 2.1 million followers.

“One Love to the Legend #Xcaddy This guy was a legend and one of the main members of the most legendary group of hip hop. It’s a sad man, “Questlov wrote.

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Many of Questlov’s Instagram followers apologized for the ecstasy pass.

“God. I had such a crush on her as a young girl,” wrote one Instagram user.

“The years of my childhood and adolescence are fading before my eyes,” wrote another Instagram mournfully.

John “Ecstasy” is the cause of Fletcher’s death

The family of John “Ecstasy” Fletcher did not immediately disclose the cause of death.

Tribute on Twitter

Fans of the legendary hip-hop artist also mourned his death on Twitter.

People have been posting condolence messages, tributes and tributes on Twitter.

The celebrity who posted the condolence message included rapper Ice Tea and Q-Tip.

ICE tweeted, “I lost another friend today … WHODINI, the monopoly of the group, has given up its last breath.” “Houdini was personally the first big NY group to show me their first love .. Man !!! My sincere condolences to the family of Jalil, Grandmaster D and Ecstasy (folded emoji).

I lost another friend today .. Ecstasy of group WHOININI died. WHOINI was the first private NY group who personally showed me love .. man !!! My sincere condolences to the family of Jalil, Grandmaster D and Ecstasy .. ..

– ICC T (finalvel) December 23, 2020

Peak Credit: @KTPAbstract / Twitter

Peak Credit: @Questlov / Twitter

Ecstasy died in October after St. Doug, a founding member of the hip-hop group Cottonmouth Kings, died at the age of 44.

Bay Area rapper Young Cart also died in a June 2 rollover accident in June.

John “Ecstasy” Fletcher Bio

John “Ecstasy” Fletcher started the Brooklyn-based hip-hop group Houdini in 1972 with Jalil Hutchins. Four years later, in 1986, DJ Drew Carter (aka Grandmaster D) joined the team.

Fletcher was known for his signature Zora style hat.

Houdini released their first single, Magic Wand, in 1988, and their first self-titled album, Houdini, in July 1983.

They released their second album, Escape In 1972, and their second third album, Back in Black.

He is best remembered for hit songs such as Houdini Frieds, The Haunted House of Rock, Freaks Come Out, Night and Magic Wand.

They started many trends in hip-hop music. Houdini was the first hip-hop group to release a music video for their rap song. They released a music video for their hit single Magic Wand.

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