/The Hogwarts legacy delay pushes the game out of 2021

The Hogwarts legacy delay pushes the game out of 2021

Rumors have been circulating that the Harry Potter RPG title has been around for several years now. Now after all these rumors and speculated leaks, we finally got the confirmation through the PlayStation 5 based event in September 2020. The video game will be held in the Harry Potter universe, but a few years before the narrative events or movie events in the series. Will take the role of student. It is discovered that there is a powerful ancient magic here that is kept within the character of the player. It seems to the player how you are managing that magic for good or bad.

At the time of writing this description we haven’t seen much of this game, but it looks like it will be an open-world RPG. Players can probably make some upgrades and adjustments to their character stats. Meanwhile, you will probably be able to discover familiar territories, committed magical creatures and of course fight against all sorts of hostile enemies. The game was set to launch in 2021, for which lots of Harry Potter fans were stocked to get a chance to dive into the game.

Unfortunately, things seem to have changed since the Hogwarts legacy was delayed until 2021 and 2022. The Hogwarts Legacy page of the studio announced on Twitter that the development team could confirm that the game was delayed until 2021, confirming the video game they first noticed when they started production.

The delay with the fans is just as we wait for the release of more marketing materials for this game. After the subtle launch of Cyberpunk 2077, fans are probably more in favor of developers who take their time to ensure game releases without the glare issue that players have to deal with. Unfortunately, what we don’t know is that only in 2022 did Studio Hogwarts plan to release the legacy.

Source: Twitter