The highest-earning tennis player of all time Top 10 earners

Elite level tennis players earn millions of pounds each year by competing with the ATP and WTA circuits.

And an exciting thing about tennis in prize money, there’s nothing to be surprised about the home luck if the best players win big events.

Serial Grand Slam champions such as Martina Novartilova, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf made great strides in the 1980s and 1990s – yet they don’t make an all-time prize money list here!

This is because the prize money of the tournament has grown so much over the last two decades that most of the players in the top 10 list are still playing or have recently retired.

So what do you think made the most prize money in tennis history? See the top 10 here.

Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki is the tenth highest earning tennis player of all time (GETTY)

10. Caroline Wozniacki – 26.6 million

Wozniacki, the golden daughter of Denmark, achieved her first world ranking in 2010 when she was just 20 years old. Yet criticism followed his career until he finally won the 2018 Australian Open Grand Slam.

Wozniacki claimed 30 career titles before retiring in 2020, and it was a WTA Tour win that hampered his career earnings. What’s more, his win in the WTA Tour Final 2017 earned Dan a cool £ 1.5 million.

Romania’s Simona Halap has a career income of 27.8m (GETTY)

9. Simona Halap – £ 27.8 m

Halep has won two Grand Slam singles victories to date (2018 French Open, 2019 Wimbledon) and began his professional career as a teenager. The Romanians enjoyed their first World Cup crown and reached the final of the WTA Tour in 2014.

Most of Halep’s prize money did not come from the Grand Slams – he has advanced to the quarter-finals in just eight events as of February 2020. However, he won the WTA Premier title, the first Premier crown in 2014. Halap’s skills on hard, grass and clay surfaces meant he often went deep into tournaments throughout the year.

Maris Sharapova (left) and Serena Williams are both in the top ten (GETTY).

8. Maria Sharapova – .4 30.4 million

Russian Sharapova earned her first major salary when she won the single Wimbledon crown in 2004 at the age of just 1 aged. He chose the ীদের 560,500 winner’s check and could sign multiple sponsorship agreements.

Sharapova’s net worth is considered shy as only 150 150. One-fifth of that income was earned through prize money, which shows how marketable Russia is to this day.

Sherapova has won five Grand Slam titles in her career and could have reasonably won more, had it not been for Serena Williams. He retired in February 2020 after failing in the first round of the Australian Open.

Venus Williams began winning Grand Slam titles in the 1990s (GETTY).

7. Venus Williams – 31 million

The eldest of the two William sisters and the first-place finisher in the Grand Slam scene, Serena Mental had the influence of Venus on women’s tennis until she took over. At the age of 40, Venice began her career as a teenager and is still playing professional tennis.

Mart was Venus’ first major salary after reaching the final of the US Open in the first year of the 1997 WTA Tour.

Williams has won five Wimbledon singles titles and lost three more finals – all to Serena. His last Grand Slam win at SW19 in 2008 was US 750,000.

Pete Sampras earned his last big salary in 2002 (GETTY).

6. Pete Sampras – .7 32.7 m

The only player on the list to have won most of his awards in the 1990s, Sampras retired in 2002 after winning the US Open for the fifth time. He made the Wimbledon sensation by winning the men’s singles title bar from 1993 to 2000.

During that time the amount of prizes at Wimbledon ranged from 30 9309,000 for the champion to £ 477,500 by the end of the decade. Until then, despite playing in the same tournament, women were still not allowed to equalize with men.

Sampras’ last payday was at the 2002 US Open final where he defeated Andre Agassi by four sets to earn a £ 300,000 check and leave tennis at the final height.

Andy Murray wins two Olympic gold medals (GETTY)

5. Andy Murray – .4 46.4 million

Murray has won three Grand Slams at the top of his career, but lost eight appearances between 2006 and 2011, earning him more money.

Britt has reached the record five Australian Open finals without a single win, but in 2013 he defeated Novak Djokovic by three sets to break the curse of his key players at Wimbledon.

Murray made 2 million while remaining unbeaten in the ATP World Tour Final in 2011 and finished the season as the world number one that year. He has won 46 career titles so far and is still not ready to leave the sport after suffering a hip injury in the early 30s.

Serena Williams has won a stunning 23 Grand Slams (GETTY)

4. Serena Williams – m 70m

Serena has been as successful in publishing the results of a small number of athletes in the history of the sport. The United States shot Superstarm in 199 after winning the final of the US Open against the tournament’s favorite Martina Hingis.

Serena has since won 22 more Grand Slam titles and is looking at Margaret Court’s record of 24. Bigger than What, she is proud of 14 more Grand Slam double titles, two Grand Slam mixed double crowns and four Olympic gold medals.

Like Sharapova, Williams is worth about ১৫ 150 million. His career earnings have almost halved and he is not yet ready to retire.

Rafael Nadal wins more than 90 million (GETTY)

3. Rafael Nadal – ড 92m

Nadal earned an estimated 20 percent of his entire career prize money at the French Open. The Clay of King of Roland Garros crown has won the record 12 times so far and it doesn’t look like it’s going down.

He has spent about £ 1.6 million winning the French Open and is proud to have seven more majors in his trophy cabinet.

Nadal achieved his first mega pay-day when he won the Roland Garros title in 2005. He failed to pass the third round of the slam until that tournament. Nadal has also won two ATP World Tour finals and two Olympic gold medals.

There is only one trophy left that Roger Federer (right) did not win (GETTY).

2. Roger Federer – 98

Many may be surprised to see Federer in second place among all-time top earners of tennis. This is because his rival, Novak Djokovic, earned a large chunk of his prize money in the 2010s.

At Wimbledon in 2003 – Federer toured for four years before winning his first Grand Slam. The title earned him 575,000 cash injections and five Wimbledon wins.

Federer has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, six ATP World Tour final victories and an Olympic gold medal in doubles to date. He is valued at about 40 340 million, of which more than a quarter of his income came from tennis courts.

Novak Djokovic is the highest paid tennis player in history (GETTY).

1. Novak Djokovic – m 108 m

Serbia’s Djokovic has benefited more than any other player in the huge amount of prize money given to contestants at Grand Slam events over the past few years. Prize money inflation has helped not only those who crashed in the opening round, but also the final champions.

Djokovic won his first Grand Slam singles title since his first appearance at the 2008 Australian Open. He has made Melbourne his spiritual home by winning eight titles in twelve years.

Wimbledon 2018 Since Djokovic has won five of the seven Grand Slam titles available – each is proud of the increased prize money received from previous years. He is also finishing in a single title of 60 careers, with 34 currently coming to the ATP Masters 1000 event, which provides the highest prize pot outside the Grand Slam.

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