The Hearts and Smiles campaign raises over million 10 million for front-line staff

With hearts in their sleeves and smiles on their faces, Canadians helped Rogers Sports and the media to celebrate the International Nurses’ Day by raising the ও 10 million raised in support of the country’s top healthcare community through heart and smile earlier this week.

Limited edition Hearts and Smiles T-shirts and masks were purchased by Canadians in record numbers, with money received from Frontline Funds. This week’s four-day promotional reflection shows the company’s sports and media – and its famous partners, athletes and friends – have taken advantage of their funding to raise awareness of Canadian health heroes and keep our communities safe in the fight against COID. 19.

“I am inspired by our top healthcare professionals and their unprecedented dedication to the safety and well-being of Canadians,” said Judge Natalet, President and CEO, Rogers Communications. “He has responded to our initiative and I am proud of our team’s commitment to return to the communities in which we live and work.”

“I really think we live in the largest country in the world, because Canadians always need to come together to achieve better,” said Judges Banks, president of Rogers Sports and Media. “I am humbled by the courage and commitment of our front-line healthcare providers, and I am proud of our team to join Canadians in recognizing and celebrating our worthy heroes. Thank you very much Canada! ”

The heart and smile earnings will go directly to the Frontline Fund, a national coalition that supports the foundations of more than one and a half hundred hospitals across Canada. These funds will assist front-line health workers in the supply, supply and development of basic protective equipment, basic COVID-19 research, clinical trials and vaccines.

“It’s really amazing and we’re overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from Canadians this week,” said Ted Gerrard, CEO of the Sikkids Foundation and a member of the steering committee of the Frontline Fund. “Thank you for your generosity on the basis of over one and a half hundred participating hospitals from coast to coast, which support millions of healthcare providers. Thanks for the back! “

Canadians can continue to support our awesome healthcare providers by purchasing Hearts and Smiles T-shirts and masks at

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