The ‘Halvor’ Chromebook could be the next Google Pixelbook

The biggest highlight of every Google event is the latest Pixel phone, the company has made great laptops out of the 2013 Chromebook Pixel. A new Chromebook has been released, codenamed “Halvor” which looks like it could be the next Google Pixelbook.

Google’s Chromebooks have always pushed the limitations of what is possible with Chrome OS and improvements driven by other device manufacturers. Like the other Chrome OS tablets, the Pixel Slate has expanded for the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, and the Pixelbook Go is currently driving for quality Chromebooks for mid-range budgets.

Because of that, we’re always waiting for what Google’s next Chromebook might be and what store it might have. This week, people in the Chrome Unbox believe they have made the next discovery made by Google Chromebook on a device codenamed “Halvor”.

“Halwar” made by Google?

Before digging into his humorous curiosity about what “Halvor” is, let’s take a look at why we admit it. Maybe The next pixelbook. The main reason given to Chrome Unboxed for the possibility of Halvor created by Google Status is a recent code change that supports Halvor for an assistant key.

So far, there are only three Chromebooks and three keyboards that include a dedicated key for the Google Assistant. No other Chromebook maker, except Google, has included that key.

  • Google Pixelbook
  • Google Pixel Slate keyboard
  • Google Pixelbook Go
  • Brise G-type for pixel slate
  • Bridges C-type
  • Logitech K580 Keyboard Chrome OS version

Beyond that, in another code change we found that the keyboard on this Halvor Chromebook will use exactly the same top-row layout as the Pixelbook Go, which is roughly identical to the original Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. The primary difference that sets it apart from other Chromebooks is the inclusion of a play / pause key located between the brightness and volume keys.

That said, these keyboard changes can only be chosen by third-party Chromebook makers to eventually become more compatible with Google’s Pixelbook line. We have no evidence that the Google Assistant key can only appear in Made Google Chromebooks and accessories with the Made for Google certificate.

Another potential flaw in Halvor’s creation of Google Status is the Chromebook’s original design maker (ODM) – the company responsible for designing and developing the device in partnership with Google. So far, all Quanta Computer Inc. made by Google Chromebooks, including the Pixelbook Go, have been designed.

In contrast, judging by the email addresses associated with numerous code changes, we know that Halvor is being developed by Orange. In the past, Kamal has created Chromebooks for the likes of Dell and Lenovo. It is entirely possible that Google may switch ODMs for this device, but we have not seen any public information that is going to happen.

With all this in mind, is Halwar built by Google Chromebook? For now, the best answer we can give is “probably.”

What is Halwar Chromebook?

So, what is Halwar, then? Well, the name “Halvor” is actually taken from a small character in the Spestro series. More importantly, the Chromebook coded Halver is built on a “baseboard” called “Voltaire” – another Spiro reference – that uses Intel’s upcoming 11th General Tiger Lake processor. For comparison, the PixelBook Go and the Pixel Slate use the 8th General Intel Amber Lake processor.

We also know that Halvor will have a keyboard, a touchpad mouse and a touchscreen. These all point to either a clamshell-style laptop or something like the Pixelbook Go that transforms into a tablet like the original Pixelbook.

Other details about the Chromebook are currently few and far between. We see that we can use two types of RAM in one place, but the data is only publicly available for one. From what we can piece together we believe that there should be a model with 16GB of RAM.

The only other tidbats we’ve discovered are some ports equipped with Holocaust. For example, we know it must have a 3.5mm headphone port, a feature that was still missing from the pixel slate. Also, unlike almost every Chromebook on the market today, Halvor has Three USB-C ports – possibly with USB4 support – are firmly placed in the category of productivity laptops.

Of course, when it comes to making Google Chromebooks, the glasses weren’t the most important. If Halvor is really the next Pixelbook, we don’t know what makes it really great until we get the final hardware design.

When is it possible to publish this pixelbook?

So when can we expect this potential new pixelbook? With the exception of the Pixel Slate, Google has released a new Chrome OS device every year since 2013. With that sort of thing, we don’t expect a new one created by the Google Chromebook until next year.

More importantly, Intel has not yet officially announced or launched the processors for their 11th General Tiger Lake series. Following rumors that the announcement will be made next month, Chromebooks are not usually among the first devices to be released with a new processor generation.

Further, we believe that the development of Halwar is still in its infancy. For example, Google is only now working on important issues such as Halwar’s keyboard layout.

Putting these together, we’re probably looking for a 2021 launch for this Chromebook, although it’s hard to say with any certainty. .

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