The GP called for stricter border controls to keep COVID-19 cases low

Ireland needs to focus on border control to keep the coronavirus at bay, says a professor of general practice at the University of Limerick.

Dr Liam Glynn, who is CoPlayer’s GPO, said the death toll was moving in the right direction.

But he told Newstalk breakfast that we need to take steps to keep them that way.

He thanked the Irish for their efforts and said other steps needed to be taken now.

“It simply came to our notice then [number] We’ve only seen cases and encouraging numbers this week, but fortunately yesterday’s lowest daily increase in COVID-19-related deaths.

“And while these are extremely heartbreaking for a family, it’s certainly encouraging to see this image continue.”

‘Of course if we follow an elimination strategy, the image we want is zero.

“And I think the Irish people were incredibly understandable how they responded to the call for greater behavioral change and involvement in public health counseling.

“And this is truly our biggest weapon against COVID-19: how each person deals with their activities on a daily basis.

“But at the same time it’s like a fishing net and you’re trying to catch this virus.

“There are still gaps in the net, so now I’m happy to see how the face covers look in terms of recommendations.

“I think we should also consider border controls for trade and travel.

“There is no point in using all this hard work and all these sacrifices to reduce this number and then knowingly cross the border and increase the number of infections.

He added that the island should be considered a single epidemic.

“We’ve done this before with other infectious diseases like foot-and-mouth disease, so it shouldn’t be politicized, we should really focus on reducing the number of cases on the island and keeping the number as low as possible.”

The GP called for stricter border controls to keep COVID-19 cases low

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