The government should be ‘bullish’ to promote Irish big business as well as SME-Connor Skehan

A planning expert has called on the government to remain “bullish” in promoting large Irish businesses in support of SMEs.

Connor Skehan, a planning lecturer at the Technological University Dublin and former chair of the housing agency, spoke with Down to Business.

He suggested that Ireland has the risk of taking on the importance of multi-citizens, including the motherland.

Government should be ‘bullish’ in promoting Irish business as well as SME-Keoner scams

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Mr Skehan said he was shocked to read the government’s recent program.

He observed: “I was amazed at how much I could read about indigenous, small-scale support … it had pages and pages and pages.

“I said, ‘Let’s see the balance’ – what are we talking about large-scale business and multinationals?” It’s about two lines.

“We must try to keep in mind the fact that the real thing that pays the bills in this country is a very large multi-citizen – and the most important thing for all of us to remember is not just international. We have a lot of big multi-nationals from Irish trade abroad. “

He pointed to successful Irish multinationals such as CRH, Portwest, Ardug Glass Sales and Ryanair.

He explained: “PortWest’s choices … From the beginning in Westport, they now have production centers around the world.

“The top ten Irish multi-nationals … they make more money each year than the output of Irish SMEs. We become bullish for them … we both have to have.

“There is a real danger in implementing the incredible success we have had in sustaining and attracting multi-citizens – indeed it is an incredible miracle that is the envy of the whole world.”

Mr Skihan says the key is to be ambitious and to challenge ourselves by saying that “good enough is not good enough” ing

He told Bobby: “We’re already in a very good place – we have IDAs who look after multi-nationals, and we have Enterprise Ireland who tend to look after the SME and indigenous sectors. We have structures in place.

“My only concern is to emphasize – that a government policy document, such as a program for a government, has only two lines about multi-citizens and 20 pages for other things.”

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