The government has announced the end of the daily coronavirus briefing

The daily televised coronavirus briefing from Downing Street this evening will be the latest, the government has confirmed.

Boris Johnson will address the nation today at 5 p.m., along with Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Valence, as he sees further outlines of the relaxation of the lockdown system announced earlier today.

And a statement from No. 10 said that the televised conferences, which have been going on throughout the epidemic, will become a daily occurrence from today – instead of happening only when significant announcements were made.

A spokesman said: “From today, there will be no more press conferences. We will hold a press conference with the Prime Minister in line with the significant announcement

“We will publish all the data previously covered in the press conference slides on every week.”

During the crisis, conferences were the main way where journalists – and members of the public – held the government accountable, with Johnson and most of his senior cabinet ministers raising regular questions about the latest developments.

The government dropped coronavirus briefings over the weekend due to low viewing figures earlier this month, dropping the number of television conferences from seven to five a week.

News that they would be completely excluded should follow the Johnson Commons in which he announced that the 2m rule would be relaxed, instead people should be advised 1m distance from 4th July.

He also outlined the reopening of parts of the economy, opening cinemas, museums and galleries from July 4, and allowing restaurants and pubs to reopen.

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