The Google Phone app has been updated Dark and light mode settings now rollout

The Google Phone app has probably jumped out of Pixel phones recently, but the dialer seems to be adding some small but significant dark mode tweets.

In the past, the Google Phone app had a dedicated toggle for dark mode in its app settings. The toggle will revert naturally depending on your system theme settings. Now, although Android Police has identified the team, the Google Phone app theme settings have been replaced by a floating options tab that includes the “Light,” “Dark,” and “System Default” options.

It’s not the most significant change to any Google app yet, but it’s one that lets you set the theme a lot easier than the previous on-and-off toggles based on your preferences. So, after your application has been updated you now have three options as the “System Default” standard option.

We’re seeing the option on a number of devices upgraded to Android 11, but the AP notes that the option is available on devices running Google phones as old as version 51. More than the version you are running on your device.

Considering that the Google Phone app has achieved a dedicated dark mode in 2018, it’s just a slight usability jolt that will help you manage the setting better. If you’ve seen the option on your device, be sure to notify us in the comments section below.

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