The German communication tracing app, popular as a UK app, sees a fourth delay

The German communication tracing app was downloaded by 6.5M people in the first 24 hours of availability, the government said. The Corona-Warne app uses a joint Apple / Google API to ensure privacy, a U-turn in the German government’s previous plan to use a centralized database system.

Italy also got off to a very good start by downloading its Immune app, also using the API.

This is a very different picture in the UK, though.

The eight privacy protections included in the Apple / Google API seem to encourage a decent level of app adoption in the countries that have chosen to adopt it. The UK is not one of them and now it looks like the NHS England app has been delayed for the fourth time.

The government initially said the NHS app would launch in May, then in June, then in July. But a BBC report today said the launch date is now completely unknown, and the app – incredibly – is not an official priority.

A government minister has said the NHS coronavirus communication-tracing app is “not a priority” and he is not sure it will be effective in the winter.

The app, which was trialled on the Isle of Wight, was originally scheduled to launch nationally a few weeks ago […]

Lord Bethel, the innovative minister in the Department of Health and Social Services, said he could not give a date for the inauguration. […]

“We want to get something for the winter, but at the moment this is not our priority,” Lord Bethel said in response to a question about the app. [adding] ”I can’t give you a date [and] We are not feeling the pressure of great times. “

The irrational ‘argument’ given for this is that ‘some’ people prefer to call from a person’s human follower and the coronavirus is not as bad as the spread – although the UK still has the second highest death rate per capita in the world. The UK mortality rate is 633 / million compared to Germany’s 106 / million.

In all these cases, the only glimmer of hope is that the current government has not abandoned the application design and switched to one that uses the Apple / Google API.

The team behind the app has an updated version ready that they think addresses a number of concerns.

A ‘feasibility’ study on this was reported to have come back in early May.

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