/The Galaxy S21 still does not support non-stop updates to Android

The Galaxy S21 still does not support non-stop updates to Android

Over the years Android has supported the useful ability to install system updates in the background, only requiring a quick reboot to apply the changes. As monthly updates become the norm, it improves a great quality of life. Samsung has retained this feature for years, and this is not changing as the Galaxy S21 series still does not have support for non-stop updates.

Odd updates You still use the A / B partition to install an update in the background while using your phone. It comes with a number of advantages such as low risk for corrupt data during updates, but it is also common that your phone is not out of commission for a good portion of 20 minutes.

It was widely speculated that support for this update would be needed with Google’s Android 11 because some leaked documents have been apparently proven, but apparently Google reversed that decision after that time.

That being said, Samsung’s Galaxy S21, S21 +, and S21 Ultra still lack support for the five-year-old non-stop update feature. Samsung rival Max Weinbach mentioned on Twitter that he did not find any mention of the A / B update in any system image from the Galaxy S21 device. Looking at the two apps, Travel Info and Trouble Check, the story is similar there, non-stop updates are marked by the lack of support. These results should be taken with a grain of salt, although the app states that Treble is not supported, something that has not been true for years on any mainstream Android device as required by Google. Most likely, these applications are simply providing incorrect information on these devices or it may be something to do with Samsung’s current software build. However, there are very few opportunities that these phones do not support Treble.

Why is Samsung not supporting the feature? The company has not officially mentioned anything, although we have reached a statement, but in the past the rationale was almost storage. A / B updates cost about 3 GB or so of onboard storage. In a year where microSD card slots have been snatched, I think that’s not the worst excuse.

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