The formation of new alliances in the chaos of the house

Christmas Abbott helped form a new BB22 alliance. Peak Credit: CBS

The Big Brother All-Stars are in complete disarray, but a new alliance has just emerged from the live feed.

Before jumping into it, though, there’s some backstory here that has confused a lot of Big Brothers over the past few days.

Christmas Bailey has nominated Dayton and Down Rogers for the eviction. Six members of the BB22 cast then played for Veto Power.

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Christmas POV has won and has been able to hold power in its hands.

Outside of the game though the anxiety and stress has reached Tire Crispan and Ian Terry. The boys are almost self-deprecating, the gameplay has gotten a bit more for them.

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It got worse on Sunday night when Tyler tried to block Christmas. His plan was to save Beilig and use Piov as his nominee for replacement.

A new Big Brother All Star Alliance

The creators did not allow Live Feed subscribers to watch the conversation between Tyler and Christmas. After that, he went to the diary room and then to the shower without mentioning the discussion.

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Christmas dragged Daovan so she wanted him to stay home this week and make it so tight that he kept Beleig and Daovan on the block.

That’s when things start to get very interesting. Intersecting between feeds on the star every few minutes, forming a brand-new alliance in the HOH room.

Daniel Donato, Christmas Abbott, Dowon Rogers and Nicole Franzel have agreed to an all-female coalition that they plan to go deeper this season. Will it work? Only time will tell. For now, they are very excited about it.

What will they name their alliance?

The women spent some time figuring out what the alliance wanted to name. Some of the ideas included references to honey badgers, koalas, flowers and Venus flytraps.

They mentioned honeypots and bomb shells as part of a name. One name that got a lot of marks is Blitzing Bombsells, but Dani doesn’t like the grammar they’re using.

Nicole put it there so they could continue to think about it on their own and come to an agreement on what their official coalition name would be on their summer morning.

Stay tuned, because it’s an alliance worth watching, and it’s sure to appear in future episodes of the show.

Big Brother is broadcast on CBS on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 / 7c.

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