The filming of Resident Evil Reboot is over

There are several productions working for video game adaptation. We knew there was an interest in another Silent Hill movie, an upcoming sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog, and even uncharted video game titles coming out to act as a prequel. However, one IP that is not unfamiliar with film adaptation is Resident Evil. Capcom’s Iconic Survival Horror IP has recently released a long line of blockbuster movies and now we’re looking forward to seeing a reboot.

The Resident Evil movie series resumed in 2002 and received its final installment in 2001. Although it was a set of movies that made a profit, fans of video game source content kept a series that drastically changed the story line. We focused on a new character and random iconic characters that didn’t offer much to bring the story back to the original narrative from the video game franchise.

At any rate, we knew this new reboot movie was working and fans could expect it to follow the story of the first Resident Evil video game. This title will throw viewers into the chaotic and disturbing story of Iconic Star members as they investigate Spencer Mansion. It’s too early to make a teaser or statement about the movie, but it looks like the initial filming of the movie is over. It came from the official Sony Pictures Twitter account which confirmed that the production has finished shooting their movie in a makeshift raccoon city.

Of course there may be potential pick-up shots that may be needed and the amount of postering after filming may also be exceeded. At the very least, it looks like the production of this film is going smoothly, and we will probably get some more information about when the movie will debut in the coming months. As such, we are still unsure how this film will debut even as we continue to endure the global health epidemic. For now, all we can do is look at what Sony Pictures can reveal.

Source: Twitter

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