The federal MP compared China to Nazi Germany on a new right-wing site

George Christensen, chairman of the Federal Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, compared China – Australia’s largest trading partner – to Nazi Germany, the new right-wing social media site Parlor.

“Looking at the global instability today, the Prime Minister is reminded of the 1930s. There is no reward for guessing who is playing the role of Nazi Germany, ”the MP wrote.

It was posted just hours after Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of the need for “stronger deterrence capabilities” for the military.

On Wednesday, Mr. Morrison announced a national defense strategy update that outlines the billions spent on long-range missiles, surveillance capabilities, armed drones and undersea warfare.

Referring to growing concerns about Chinese influence and activities in the Asia-Pacific region, the prime minister said Australia had “faced the most challenging times since the 1930s and early 1940s.”

Federal MP George Christensen’s parlor compares China to Nazi Germany.

Mr Christensen – who represents Dawson’s North Queensland constituency and chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth – fired his new parlor account on Wednesday for comment.

He also shared a YouTube clip of Andrew Bolt’s Sky News show before Wednesday, where the commentator said: “Australia needs to fight communist China quickly.”

Mr. Christensen shared the same video clip on his Facebook page at the same time on Wednesday night, as well as the first sentence of a post written by his comrade.

However, his comments about Nazi Germany were not posted on Facebook, only the parlor.

In an earlier parlor post, Mr Christensen responded to a post from an account titled ‘CCP is Evil’, sharing a news article on how “Australia should be prepared for a Chinese military strike”.

Mr Christensen responded to the post by saying, “Reactions to this incident are narrow day by day.

George Christensen’s post on Facebook since Wednesday night.

The MP has been chairing the Commerce and Investment Committee since July 2016. According to the Australian Parliament House website, the committee is responsible for investigating “measures to further enhance Australia’s trade and investment performance”.

In a previous parlor post, Mr Christensen said Australia was “at the door” to our relationship with China, adding that “more than a third of our exports have been sold to China, making it clear that we have a lot of eggs in a basket.”

Mr Christensen’s recent parlor posting has focused on criticism of China.

“We must speak out against the Chinese Communist Party for extinguishing the flames of Hong Kong’s independence. To be silent is to be involved in persecution, ”he said in another post.

Mr Christensen’s office said he was unavailable for comment. But soon after its release, her Facebook and parlor accounts shared links to this article with the message “OK, if the jackboot fits …”

What is a parlor?

Mr Christensen told his followers last week: “I have just joined a new social media platform called Parlor. There is no censoring. Not jail time or sin bin. No fake fact-checking. “

Launched in 2018 as a “non-partisan free speech” platform, it has established itself as an alternative to Twitter and is pitching to conservative users who have been isolated – or removed from – other social networks.

Conservative media outlets already have a large following, with more than 700,000 followers on the Bretbart News site.

Eric, the son of US President Donald Trump, has 829,000 followers.

The parlor’s user base jumped 50 percent last week to more than 1.5 million.

The spike was blamed after several conservative Twitter accounts of Mr. Trump’s supporters were shut down, prompting high-profile American Conservative followers to leave Twitter and move to the parlor.

Basically, Australian politicians haven’t jumped on the ship yet. Mr. Christensen is a handful of federal politicians to launch the account

Malcolm Roberts, a Nation Senator, said he joined the site because “censorship of conservatives on Twitter is growing” and said it “allows free and open discussion without the approval of leftist fact-checkers without approving every thought or conservative idea.”

Roberts’ boss also has an account with Pauline Hanson. Roberts followed that account but has not posted any content yet.

Former Liberal candidate Warren Mundain has also opened an account. More accounts have also been set up in the name of coalition MPs and former candidates and conservative news commentators.

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