The family called for justice after the shooting of the 1-month-old and his mother in Virginia

By Regina Mobli, Wave and Nextar Media Wire

Posted: August 29, 2020 / 07:29 AM EDT
/ Update: August 29, 2020 / 07:30 AM EDT

Norfolk, wow. (Wave) – When George Floyd was killed by police officers, thousands of people across the country – even in other countries – took to the streets to demand justice.

Only a handful of people came forward to tell this young story of black life, just days after 1-month-old Satata Brahan was shot and left with serious injuries.

Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone on Wednesday afternoon He called on the community to match the forces behind the pressures of social and ethnic justice and to put behind them the fight against gun violence.

Honesty’s grandmother, Arcade Brahan, said her daughter Zachary grabbed the baby when someone walked in and fired.

One-month-old baby, four adults injured in shooting at E Princess An Road in Norfolk

“You just have to pray. He (honestly) is taking it at once. Both have been shot, “Brehon said.” He is one month old and is fighting for his life. Help us get justice for honesty.

Satata was born on Tuesday, July 25. On Tuesday, a month after the birth, Satata, her mother and three others were shot dead outside Brahn’s home in Norfolk.

Honesty’s pelvis was torn, both women were injured and her reproductive system was damaged. Others who were shot are expected to survive.

Concerned neighbors promote a flyer with a crime line number

Neighbors are wreaking havoc in hopes of helping police find those responsible. They said the shooting was in a neighborhood where young people had easy access – and they did not hesitate to use them.

William Copeland and Skip Mercer reflected on how disputes were resolved a year ago.

“If we have a problem with someone, we fight with these (our fists). We fought it and became friends the next day, ”said Copeland and Mercer.

Community activist Stacey Robinson, a former convicted drug lord, called the violence a “self-inflicted genocide” that failed to address the Black Lives Matter movement.

Activist Stacey Robinson

Robinson, who partnered with Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone to prevent Norfolk violence, said: “No one is outraged about the killing of blacks by blacks. ”

Boon, who was accompanying protesters after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, returned to social media on Wednesday night to express similar concerns.

Honesty’s grandmother Brehan and another source said an assault weapon was used in the crime. Police will not release information on what type of weapon was used on Tuesday night.

A GoFundMe account has been set up by family members.

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