The fact that the Vixens dominated the one-point game proves that the Giants are dying out of old habits.

Since the first round, the Vaccines have moved away from the confident and mostly controversial Super Shot about their abilities under the post.

The decision proved to be flawless again as they consolidated their position at the summit in four more rounds.

In the Giants ’previous game, Fitzgerald felt his heart had changed, they started Bassett for six and seven rounds but included him early for a round-eight win against the Mags.

In the ninth round, however, Bassett was seen working on a practice bike again, despite the belief of many that he proved his worth after the Starler back-to-back performance.

Immediately, netball fans took to social media to express their displeasure over the decision, with many fearing that the repeated decision would have a huge impact on Diamond’s success.

The super shot was able to save the Jeans in the first one quarter, with the Vixens scoring 19-15 after the first 15 minutes.

It looked like Joe Harten was personally leading the Giants to an otherwise unbelievable performance, with a number of great Super Shots taking the half-time score to 39-34.

Vixen coach Simon McKinsey said in a half-time interview what all Vixen fans were feeling, noting that he “hated double-shot at the moment”.

“It was great shooting and you always knew him [Harten] Halfway through, McKinsey said, “It was capable.

The Round Nine game proved that Fitzgerald was only confused about what kind of game he was interested in playing on the court. He threw Bassett at half-time in place of Harten, despite drowning seven madmen in eight super-shot attempts in the first half.

From the first round, the Vaccines were confident of their ability under this post and there was a team that removed the controversial two-point shot for the most part. Credit: Getty

Fitzgerald then removed the pair again for a super shot in the last five minutes, but the decision proved costly as Harten lost his rhythm and failed to score a single two-pointer in the third quarter.


The Giants are now 54-42 behind, with the Vikings rising to the final quarter ready to claim victory. Towards the end, things started to get very bad as both teams got comments in favor of the referees to keep the game clean.

But the Vixens were eager to get them back home in the lockdown with a 733-33 win.

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Sarah is a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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