The faces of the New Apple Times: 2020 Pride and Rainbow

This week’s OSOS 6.2.5 Developer Beta 5 was released, and Apple is shining on the faces of two new people, just like the world premiere of the year.

The new watch faces will come with options for the now-proud Pride Digital, Crown Analog and Phase One customization. There are new 2020 modes that show a more advanced color palette for previous years, and a new rainbow option for the previous “rainbow”.

Apple launched the “Pride Show” culture. He was making his first proud appearance in the 2018 WWDC keynote. Last year, Apple added a new 2019 metaphor to a new animated animation and a completely new Pride analog.

The 2020 update is based on the same basic layouts and dynamics but not as heavy as a new day collection, but with new colors. The 2020 red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple will take a few more shades compared to side. You can tap on the face to disrupt the layout and if you press too much you can see a vibrating vibration. In front of the analog, each wrist triggers a series of colored rectangles.

The styles of 2018 and 2019 are individual threads, but the 2020 looks a flawless approach. For example, the revised appearance of 2019 has been compared to the corresponding sports Loop bands. We do not yet know whether Apple is considering releasing Pride watch bands for 2020.

Another new face option in this latest beta is the new rainbow color mode for the previous face. The color daily is similarly distributed on the dial, it is re-using the same rainbow colors as it looks in 2020, so it can be considered another cargo, but the Watch does not label it proud. Like the faces of the other arrows, optionally remove second and hours hands and the face can be used in full screen or in layouts.

This is my personal choice from the group.

Since these faces are so new, related settings are missing in the viewing app on the iPhone. Expect to be upgraded to iOS 13.5 and be upgraded if you graduated from a developer to publicly stream OSOS 6.2.5. iOS 13.5 will release the new vulnerability API, which Apple promises to release in May.

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