The extraordinary Eli Fanart puts him in the shoes of a purple hunter

One of the best parts of the big fanfare is that the fans are very enthusiastic. Sometimes it can be a bit crazy but for the most part, fandums are quite epic. The Last of Ass has a huge passion and with Part 2 being about a week old, gamers have already created some epic for the game.

A picture has surfaced on Twitter saying that there is a ton of fan art for The Last of You Part 2 on the internet. From Twitter user @Izams, an art piece by Eli titled PS4 Exclusive – decorated as the iconic hunter of Bloodburn. Both of these features are PlayStation based, so many of us know its great epic to see Eli in the Hunter suite. Also, the image is beautiful.

Check out the epic fan art for Eli as a bloodthirsty hunter below:

The latest title of Naughty Dog, The Last of You Part 2 has been a crazy game and gamers and reviewers love it! The sequel captures the essence with its battery-smooth gameplay, jaw-dropping visuals and immersive storytelling.

If you still haven’t decided whether to pick the game or not, I suggest checking out our review roundup for the title right here!

Last of Use Part 2 is now exclusively available for PlayStation 4 .. Have you played the critically acclaimed title? What do you think

Source: Twitter

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