The exchange has heated up due to increased tensions in Malia and Rob boats

Rob and Malia have a turbulent moment on the ship. Peak Credit: Bravo

Things are getting tense on the shores of Wellington and now it seems there is a problem with Bosun Malia White and Dickhand Robert Westergaard.

On the deck Mediterranean episode below tonight we will see the separation between Malia and Robert.

Tensions are running high on the yacht due to the issue with lead decand pit and several female members of the crew.

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Yati has received several warnings from Malia and captain Sandy following reports of his inappropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Pitt has since been sacked from Bravo but the season continues to run on TV. He is said to have downgraded his role as his scenes were edited to reduce Pete’s role in the show, but he certainly hasn’t gone yet.

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Tonight we will witness an exciting moment between Malia and a quiet calm Lord.

The two still have a respectful relationship, but things are getting worse.

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Malia has a tense moment with Rob

In the clip we see Malia and Rob working on the deck but the conversation becomes awkward and Dalkhand seems to have come from Malia to tell her fast.

His response was, “Let’s be polite to each other. There seems to be tension there. “

Braco TV newcomer responds to the bottom deck alum, “You have to understand that guests are our top priority. There has to be some momentum with things.”

“But that energy is shifting now,” Robert said. “People are sensitive so I’m just thinking.”

The subject of the conversation seems to annoy Bosun, who said, “Okay Rob your boss will tell you to hurry up sometimes.”

When Robb said he would just keep quiet for the rest of the day, Malia responded, “You don’t have to take things personally every time.”

However, in the clip, Yati reconsidered his position and said, “I’ll be quiet today.”

Captain Sandy’s hand is full

We will only witness the awkward moment under the deck med tonight.

Captain Sandy has a handful of frustrated charter guests who aren’t affected by his food or service.

That’s why Chef Kiko’s work may be on the line because he gave her an ultimatum to “wow” guests tonight or risk a replacement.

In addition, Sandy had to intervene in the heated debate between Stu, Bugsie and Jessica, first and second.

As the two women move into the middle charter, Sandy becomes frustrated that her main steward Hannah Ferrier isn’t doing enough.

All of this will be published in today’s episode.

Bottom deck: Mediterranean Monday airs at 9/8 C in Bravo.

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