The Epic Games Store is releasing two free games next week

Valve has remained at the top for years when it comes to sales in the digital PC marketplace. Through their Steam Marketplace, PC players got a client to buy several great video games. This service has not been available for years, but it has managed to fill the features and very few competitors to really challenge the company in terms of sales collection away from the valve. That was until Epic Games decided to publish its own digital storefront as the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games had some deep pockets that allowed the company to not only create a digital storefront, but also had enough resources to compete against Valve. Still, Valve held the upper hand for years and has since achieved a lot, so there were a few strategies to bring in consumers that Epic Games needed to incorporate. Some customers reacted more than once to the way Epic Games was conducted. Epic Games Valve will seek an exclusive deal to keep games in the Epic Games Store for some time before it becomes available on the Steam storefront. This was done in several ways. Naturally, Epic Games would sign out contracts that would give developers as well as publishers some funding as they would provide better revenue cuts than Valveā€™s steam market.

It alone was able to get some releases in the Epic Games Store without the developers signing any contracts. However, as mentioned, fans were not thrilled with the move. Epic Games will find a way to get customers to the Epic Games Store client and potentially earn some extra sales as they begin to deliver titles every week and for free video games. Some weeks we get the title of a video game while the other week we get to see the title of two to three video games. All players had to do was create a free account and claim the games to hold on forever.

The titles of these video games were also quite different. Some weeks you may have some indie hits, other weeks you may have some big AAA video game titles like Grand Theft Auto V. At any rate, we know that in the coming weeks we will have access to the Tycoon Sim Railway Empire and where the water tastes like wine. Currently, the Epic Games Store is offering free copies of Inch the Brach this week. If you’re dealing with more great video games for free and at a discount, I’d recommend the weekly video game deal page here. We update it regularly for some great sales and discounts.

Source: Epic Games Store

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