The Epic Games Store is offering 3 free games next week

For several years, Valve had largely controlled the digital marketplace for PC video games. If you want to enjoy a new game, chances are you bought it on the digital storefront. It took years for the company to perfect its own software and marketplace that incorporated a variety of features like acquisition for players. While other companies are trying to bring their own digital marketplace service for PC gamers, no one has offered too much competition against Steam. That was until the Epic Games Store first debuted.

The Epic Games Store had the funds and the will to really make a big difference in the digital PC marketplace. Epic has basically done this in a few different ways that helped publishers as well as developers. For example, the Epic Games Store offers better revenue for IP owners in its digital storefront. This allows developers to ensure that they are able to benefit from publishing their games exclusively on the storefront. Moreover, this is also done through various deals that will offer Epic Games to secure a game on their platform for a period of time.

So Steam was starting to lose games for a while due to misleading some selectors, at least in the Epic Games Store there was another way to give players. Every week the Epic Games Store offers free video game titles to claim and forever. All you need to claim is a free account at the Epic Games Store and a copy of your free video game in just one week. This week in particular we were supposed to have Hugh and Canaan in exile. Unfortunately, it seems that Canaan was deported without any reason. Instead, the game will appear in the marketplace of the Epic Games Store next time, which players can buy if they can play.

The Epic Games Store team has decided that the Canaan exiles will not be free, but will be available for purchase in stores next time.

– Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) July 2, 2020

That said, we know that starting next week on June 9, 2020, we’re looking to give away three video game titles for free. The title of this free video game is Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition and until the end, Escapeists 2. If you want to secure these games, you want to make sure that you have created a free EGS account and the title is starting to claim no later than July 9th and 16th.

Source: Epic Games Store

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