The Double Agents star was injured during the competition

Challenge: Double agent competitors learn about their road kill missions. Peak Credit: MTV

Throughout 36 seasons of MTV’s Challenge, there have been all sorts of injuries. Some have become much more serious than others, forcing competitors to leave the game early.

Nicole Janata The Challenge: This happened last season, excluding double agents, due to an unfortunate injury.

He suffered during a daily challenge event that other contestants criticized even for lack of adequate security precautions.

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Nicole has now been released from the show and recently commented on how her “life has changed” after surviving that injury. He also mentioned the most difficult thing for him since he suffered.

Nicole’s injury was worse than she thought

In the third round of the Double Agents, the contestants were tasked with wrestling at a speed of 50 miles per hour on a Mac truck. The purpose was to lower your opponent into the safety net from the side of the truck.

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No one was involved in the Road Kill mission, but the contestants wore helmets. The top of the truck appeared to be slippery and several of the competitors were injured by hand or shoulder injuries.

Among them was Nick Williams, who was against Cam Williams. At one point, he shouted, “Stop,” and the doctors had to investigate. Even his partner Devin Walker mentioned how obviously his shoulder was out of the socket

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After the episode, it was revealed that Nicole had to get all her belongings and leave the house of the challenge. He was medically disqualified from double agents due to a serious injury.

Over the past week, Nicole took to her Instagram to share a picture of herself with a doctor next to her. He shared an update about the nature of his injury.

“What I thought was a minor displacement hurt a lot. My life changed in a matter of seconds, without warning, without knowing the degree of what actually went wrong, ”Nicole shared.

He added that he actually tore his labrum, which required surgery. His life changed as a result of taking him away from something he really loved.

Nicole shares the “hardest thing” about her injury

Nicole mentioned in her update that due to the torn labrum and the surgery for it, it means she is unable to work for the time being. This means he can’t do his job as a firefighter.

In the caption of the IG post, Nicole says, “The things I love, the things that keep me going, I had to hit the back of my head once my injury predominated.”

“Even the simple task of keeping my hair up and showering became a chore that I needed someone else to perform and help me. I couldn’t work, which was my deepest passion and drive. “It was the hardest part for me,” Nicole said.

Nicole’s presence of double agents marks her third time competing in the Challenge. He had previously appeared in the Champions and Vendettes attacks. In both seasons, he has made it to the finals showing how strong the competitor is.

After his injury at Double Agents, Customer and friend Lolo Jones criticized the protection of everyday challenges on social media, saying weight class should probably be considered when creating matchups.

Wrestling on a high-speed truck challenge also brought a hit for Javand. He went to check out and came back to attend the third episode. He further said that he is waiting for the X-ray results.

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It’s possible that Leave could still be sent home in the fourth episode, so it can still be seen. That said, Nicole Janatta seems determined to come back stronger than ever and based on her challenging history, she will probably overcome this latest push.

Challenge: Double Agents airs on MTV on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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