/The double agent is probably in his last season

The double agent is probably in his last season

Challenger veteran Theresa Jones said she will probably not return after the 33rd season. Peak Credit: MTV

With Challenge Season 3 36, viewers watched several veteran stars return to the show, including Darrell Taylor and Theresa Jones.

Darrell has multiple wins in the long-running reality contest series between the two contestants, when Theresa returned in search of her first win.

As both of them return, they are challenged: the question arises as to whether the double agents should be present on the show later.

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Sadly, it seems that Theresa Jones has closed any such possibility for her in the future.

Theresa says she is unlikely to return to the challenge

After a gap of five years in the challenge, veteran Theresa Jones returned to be part of the cast of Double Agents, which was a welcome surprise for many fans.

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It made for the seventh appearance of the 35-year-old wife and mother in the MTV reality contest series and some hoped it might gift her the first win.

The question was also raised as to whether he could have more presence in the challenge in his future. After all, some of her actresses or recent contestants were her age or older.

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However, when a fan asked Theresa if she would do another season, she said it was probably not due to surgery.

“Sadly I have to undergo surgery for a torn labrum in my buttocks later this year in March last year … I will stop it for a while I will not be able to stop any longer … so hopefully in my spare time by 2022 Hope to be able to run – so it was a more likely long version, ”Challenge Veteran revealed.

Peak Credit: @Joychalenji1 / Twitter

Theresa is also expecting her third child this year, as she recently showed off her baby bump while sharing the news on her Instagram. So it turns out that she will continue to do a lot in 2021 and will need time to recover from giving birth and having surgery.

Unfortunately, it seems he has to hang up his challenge gear as well, but it makes sense depending on his situation.

Double Agents soon featured more Theresa

Some of the Challenge fans may still have some complaints with Se Tu 36 that Theresa Jones is not getting too much screen time. This is likely to change with the upcoming episode.

Based on the Episode 6 trailer, Theresa contestants seem to think there will be some spotlight because of her playing a speech game. The trailer sparked controversy with its public actor Lolo Jones.

In the fifth episode, Theresa was present for some discussions with veteran contestants Anisa Ferreira and Tori Deal, who promised to give them to a friend in their minds. Meanwhile, based on the comments made by Theresa, she is also trying to keep her new naughty friends happy. His confessional interview.

Based on the answer to a fan question about returning to do more on the show, it seems that viewers will need to taste every Theresa moment of the double agents or be reminded of her presence in old asons.

Challenge: Double Agents airs on MTV on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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