The Dolce District at White Rock is set to close due to the closure of the pier, Cavid-19, fare hike

White Rock (News 1130) – In White Rock’s Dolce Zelato, a 25 percent hair growth – following the closure of the imaging pier, on top of the Kavid-1p epidemic – means the store closed its doors in July.

Owner David Pacifici says he was looking forward to a normal season that would destroy his business after destroying mountaineers in the summer and rebuilding later.

Instead, two decades later, the company will close on Marine Drive.

The pier was destroyed by a gale force wind in December 2018 and was not officially opened until September 2019.

“First, we had to run a work site for us. We had no more business, and later the Cavid-19, “says Pacific

The piracy was closed at the end of March as the crowds were not physically far away as they fled there to enjoy the warm weather in the midst of the epidemic.

Pacifici said he was aware of the rent increase before the omission of COVID-19, hoping the company would spend the summer busy and be able to resist it.

“It’s too much, too much,” he said

“The building is not mine, the property is not mine, so I think they can do whatever they want.”

He noted that he did not ask for a halt to the increase, nor did he ask for relief from any government level.

“We thought it would be better if we closed White Rock opposite the base and reopened it when we found a new place next year.”

The lease is until July 31, but the store will close a week earlier.

Davidcy describes himself as “crazy and sorry.”

“I am sorry for these long-term customers who have shown our great friendship and support,” he explains.
And of course it’s frustrating because we try to make a good product every day, because I believe in slow food and good food. It is sad that a company that makes good food should leave. “

He added that the store usually counts eight or nine students during the summer months and those young people will now go out of work.

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